Fresh Goods Friday 139

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It’s Friday and freedom is on the air, but first here’s the Fresh Goods…

Pyga One Ten 29er

Pyga mania!


Headtube detail


Big rocker


142 back end

The flagship of Pyga trail bikes is now being distributed in the UK. Framebuilder Patrick Morewood has created a 110mm rear travel 29er, and the fast beast is getting rave reviews on our forum from the riders lucky enough to test it.

Price: £1749.00 (frame)

From: R53 Sport

Teva Pivot

Teva's got sole

Look like a skater with the first ever (or should we put ‘firsTeva’?) all-mountain clipless shoe from Teva. It has several new takes on the genre, such as cleat bolts that attach from the inside of the shoe (to protect the bolt heads from wear).

The shoe ‘looks awful with spandex’ though, as per its design brief. Here’s a link to Teva’s video about the new Pivot.

Price: £110.00

From: Teva this summer.

Niner RDO bar

Attack of the Simurai

The latest addition to the RDO family is this 780mm handlebar, which has got cut-down marks to 720mm. With a weight of only 195g, it can also easily be used for other purposes, as Sim is here demonstrating.

Price: £179.00

From: Jungle UK

Maxxis tyres

Mo' rubber, no neckin'

A range of different 26ers and 29ers from Maxxis. Go with the Advantage for aggressive cross-country, the Ikon for a true light-weight tyre, the Minion for loose and muddy conditions or the Ignitor, which has several World Cup victories to its name.

Price: £39.99 (Advantage)- £54.99 (Ikon) – £39.99 (Minion) – £47.99 (Ignitor)


Howies Jacket


A jacket tailor-made for the ever-changing UK weather. With a Merino wool layer inside and softshell outer fabric, it is weatherproof yet also nice and warm.

Price: £175.00

From: Howies

Blockhead chewing gum

Energy, erm, chewing gum

We couldn’t make it up – the product we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: The… erm… energy chewing gum. It’s your handsfree way to B-vitamins and energy. For the first time ever you have to be careful with how much gum you put into your mouth if you want to get asleep at night.

Price: £1.95

From: Blockhead


Trek Slash 8

Price: £3750

Chunky enough for big rocks?

From: Trek UK.
And just sneaking in under the wire this week is this luscious new Trek Slash 8. Designed for ‘Mega’ type events and more, we’re going to be giving it a full thrashing for issue 82. Is this the kind of bike you could live with day to day, packing it off to France a couple of times a year? Well, we’ll find out.

Super co-ordinated and specially tuned.
Leather top hatters need not apply

The Albion Magazine

Price: Free from decent BMX shops, or why not just subscribe?

That's lunchtime sorted then.

Now, no one here can claim to be a rad BMXer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love BMX magazines. Here’s our latest batch of our favourite fix; the Albion magazine. Fellow independent magazine producers and all round good eggs. The magazine is full of great pictures and stories and it smells great! It’s free from BMX shops, or you can pay to have it delivered.

That’s your lot for this week, Sim and Dave are shredding Garda and Chipps is off for a bit of Dyfi endurance. See you Monday for the debrief…

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