Announcing The Travel Features 2012

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A freebie for Premier Singletrack readers only: we’ve collected together all our published travel features from 2012 (issues 71-78), formatted them into a ebook, with reduced images so you can read all our adventures at your leisure, featuring a mix of both international and UK-based riding. Go download it from the Mag Archive now.




International Travel: Iceland. Jérôme Clémentz and friends head to Iceland in search of geysters, trails and unpronounceable mountains.

UK Adventure: A Bad Excuse For A Good Day Out. Jenn breaks everyone else’s resolutions for them and makes up a bad excuse for a great ride.

International Travel: Queenstown. Matt Wragg rides in New Zealand’s most progressive mountain bike town.

UK Feature: Let’s Just Ride Up That Then… Chipps assembles the Whisky Riders once more and heads off to explore a less popular corner of Scotland.

International Travel: One Man And His Bike. Brendon Tyree heads off to Majorca for some springtime island fun.

UK Riding: Wet, Wet, Wet. Jenn and Benji ride in England’s wettest valley, where (of course) it didn’t rain.

International Travel: Bikepacking In Big Bend. Cass Gilbert saddles up the iron horse and sets off across a Texan desert in search of nothing but nothing.

UK Riding: Gnar Where You Are. Riding from your doorstep is fab. Matt and Sim make the most of their concrete-clad surroundings.

The Big Feature: Road Trip! Squits And Wiggles. A’proper’ road trip is a rite of mountain biking passage and it’s what makes stories worth telling. Here’s our guide on how to become a comedy road warrior.

International Travel: Santa Cruz: The Town. Chipps asks ‘What makes so many bike companies, writers, riders and photographers live in this slightly scruffy California surf town?’.

UK Travel: Torridon: Riding On The Edge Of The World. Jenn steals most of May’s sunshine with a blessed few days in remote, disconnected, Scottish, Torridon. We only just got her to come back.

Adventuring: Snow Menial. Ever wondered what’s going through the mind of someone pedalling across Alaska? Shaggy gives us an insight; it’s not what you’d expect.

UK Adventure: Faked Alaska. Sim and Dave lacked the Alaskan mountains for a ‘proper’ packrafting adventure, so they improvised with some inflatable canoes and the Lake District.

International Travel: Transvesubienne- Nice Or Bust. How hard can the hardest one-day race in France be? Jenn finds out.

UK Riding: Trail Swap. Dom Mason and Cy Turner do the North vs. South thing with us.

International Travel: Tenquille Lake. Reuben Krabbe is packing up and shipping out.

UK Adventure: Quantocks All-In. What makes a hard ride even harder? Simple- getting an Olympian to guide you. Benji and Oli Beckingsale go south-west.

Race Head: Endure Eire. What’s racing’s New Black really like, then? We stuck Jenn on a boat to Dublin to partake in a pint-sized trail-riding love-in.

International Travel: Tenerif-fic. Dominkia Skonieczna and Daniel Klawczyński tackle the Canary Islands.

UK Adventure: Boyz On The Hoodz. Sanny and pal travel the Fife Coast Path on ‘cross bikes in search of fine ice cream.

International Travel: Another Side Of Switzerland. David Martin and friends hitch a lift on the Alpine Postbus uplift  on their way to shred the gnar.

UK Adventure: Mountainbikepacking. Benji’s found himself a brand new niche to play in.

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