Turner Czar – Turner’s New Carbon Race 29er

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After over three years of development, Turner Bikes has come out with a carbon model. With other medium sized brands like Intense, Yeti and Santa Cruz releasing carbon mountain bikes in the last few years, Turner looked under increasing pressure to get with the fantastic plastic. However, Turner has taken its time and has chosen a race bike as its first carbon bike as it’s those racers that are fastidious about weight saving and efficiency.

Carbon frame in 'not swoopy' shocker!

The new Czar looks pretty much like a Turner, which will please its fans. It hasn’t got overly swoopy tubes or the organic shapes that many carbon bikes have and presents a pretty conventional silhouette.

The 29in wheeled bike will have 100mm suspension front and rear and is aimed ‘directly at the marathon/XC racer.’


Two sets of bottle bosses


External cables with removable bosses.



The DW Link is still being used and it should give good performance for those riders that ride lots and who want to use the DW Link’s anti-squat suspension for fast, big ring-style performance.

“We’re going to place the carbon bikes in our line where we feel they’re most advantageous to the type of rider they’re aimed at,” says Turner Bicycles’ founder David Turner. “We’re going to look at those people who are hyper conscious about saving every gram they can.”
We’ll be looking to get a closer look at the new Czar at this week’s Sea Otter Classic event, so stay tuned for our coverage this week.
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