Midweek Mini Movies 146

by Dave Anderson 0

Mo’ Movies, mo’ of the time.

Tune in, brew up, skive off. We’ve a bumper crop of visual treats this week.

From Haute Route to tall bikes and everything in between.

Time to open your eyes and visualise; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

Haute Route – Life is a Pass

Two friends set out to ride the world’s most famous ski tour – on their mountain bikes. Their story is about exhaustion, glaciers and big challenges of an unexpected kind.
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The Thing

A beautiful Calderfornia edit by The Gifmeister, Sam Needham.

SAY CHEESE – A Mountainbike Movie [Full Movie]

SAY CHEESE follows Julian Gerhardt, Max Kruse, Patrick Rasche and Nico Scholze through fall 2012. The film is a true “no-budget-project” and was produced without the help of sponsors. After a german “movie-tour” we´re proud to release the result into the world wide web. Enjoy!
Directed and produced by: Johannes Müller & Philipp Becker

JOE DUDLEY (hamsterley edit)

Joe Dudley showin what he can do at hamsterley forrest downhill track 2012. Filmed by Scotty Stephenson

Matt Walker – Redwood Flow

Matt Walker flows his way along ‘The Dipper’ track in the Redwood Forest aboard his Pivot 5.7 Carbon.
This film presented by Kingpin bikes.. kingpinbikes.co.nz
Song : Minnesota – Deep Freeze / Are You There

Charge TV: Week 7: The Bicycle Academy

Located only a mile or so from Charge Bikes HQ (in Frome, UK), the Bicycle Academy provides frame building courses and skills masterclasses for novices, enthusiasts and pro’s, and fully equipped workshop hire for those who don’t have access to their own. Charge Bikes are working with The Bicycle Academy to help with prototype development, skills training and experience for a Collaborative project between Charge and Brunel University London.


14.5ft at the Seat
Built in 12 work hours
One Huffy beach cruiser, 2″ square tubing, 3/4″ round tubing, and 1″ round tubing
26″ single speed coaster brake wheelset
6 1/2 single speed bicycle chains (32.5ft of chain)
To bend the pipe i used an upside down shopping cart and a split log. Ghetto, i know, but hey – IT WORKS.
My last tallbike was just under 10ft tall at the seat and you can see us featured in 30 Seconds to Mars’ music video, “Kings and Queens” – youtu.be/hTMrlHHVx8A
STOOPIDTALL, is the inbetween from that one (Kafourki) and the world record tallest bike that i’ll be building next this year.
Thank you to all the Angelopes who guided STOOPIDTALL through the sea of fellow cyclists!
And thanks to all the photographers and videographers who documented STOOPIDTALL’s Maiden Voyage!
Much love, Richie

1′ 23″

A short video project investigating the area which you work and live both visually and aurally. This piece was created from footage of my morning commute to work experience. Using a barcode as a device to illustrate the commercial nature of everyone’s daily commute I have used narrow slices of the footage to try to describe as close as I can the visual noise that can be presented to cyclists on the road and to illustrate how it felt to travel along a busy road way at peak times. There are many distractions and dangers a cyclist must account for and watch out for and often there is a vibrant inner monologue occupying the road user’s mind at any given time.


‘Simplicity’ – Often it’s the simplest things in life that get you stoked, like riding a bike as fast as you can down a hill. The adrenaline that pumps through your bloodstream cannot be replaced by anything artificial, the feeling of being of the extremely delicate line between crashing and staying in control is a feeling we all search for. I hope this video signifies this feeling.
I took a trip up to Scotland to visit Innerliethen to do some pre-season filming with Dan Farley. Dan is a quiet character, but although he doesn’t say much, he also happens to be one of the most talented guys I’ve seen ride a bike, an amazing rider to put in front of the lens.
Filmed on a Canon 5D Mark ii, with various lenses and supports.


Dirección: TONKA

Van Life

Supergrass Kona rider Ryan Gardner riding in the mountains of Santa Barbara.

Cave Dale, Peak District, April 2013

Perfect conditions for a descent of the tricky rocky Cave Dale (second part of video) down into Castleton, Hope Valley, Peak District.

Backyard Trails

Every year i head down to stay with a friend in south wales to dig and to ride his trails. This year i wanted to try and capture what he has created on film. This is a fun edit showcasing what some of us can only dream of having on our doorstep.
Filmed on a canon 60D.
Song 1 | Woodkid-run boy run Song 2 | Ellie Goulding – Figure 8
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Two Before Ten Cafe and Coffee Roasters presents “Out On The Townie” hand-made bike festival in Canberra.
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Rowen Grant.

‘A Golden Egg’ by Jesse James and Chris Atherton

This one’s for Matthew! Brought to you by Slugworth Pirate Productions.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?