Dusk ‘Til Dawn Goes Back To The Start

by truls 0

The 12th edition of the 12 hour night event in Thetford Forest is returning to Mayday Meadow due to popular demand.

From 8pm Saturday night to 8am Sunday morning on the first weekend of October, Thetford MTB Racing are hosting the Dusk ‘Til Dawn in Norfolk.

This year, experienced Dusk ‘Til Dawn riders have suggested the race to go back to its origins at Mayday Meadow, and the organisers have been listening, which means this year’s edition will be back where it all started.

The annual race consists of four categories: 4-person teams, 3-persons teams, pairs and solos. It’s capped at 1000 riders, so if you’re planning to go, make sure you don’t wait too long with registering.

The organisers suggests coming to the camp on Friday night, but you should note that’s only an option if you can live without a shower for a day – there’s no running water at Mayday.

What: Dusk ‘Til Dawn night race
When: 5-6 October 2013
Where to enter: Thetford MTB Racing