Tuesday Treats 30: Singletrack School

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Here’s your once a week (doctor’s approved) dosage of product fancy from Singletrack’s Premier Dealers, stockists and advertisers.

Tuesday Treats gives you a quality serving of independent bike retailing and a chance to win big, in this week’s special prize draw.

This week, we revisit Singletrack School:

Late last year we introduced the guys and gals at Singletrack School. They talked about running mountain bike skills courses and guided rides in the Surrey Hills and Yorkshire Moors, building from humble beginnings to becoming one the leading providers of mountain bike skills coaching in the UK.

As they enter their fifth year, they have revamped their general skills coaching courses to meet the ever demanding needs of a diverse mtb customer base. Danielle Sheridan picks up the story;  ‘In order to meet demand in 2013 we are very excited to be introducing two new full day courses:

Singletrack Skills 3Finding Speed & Flow looks at improving flow and energy management and is especially suited to XC racers and Strava addicts alike.

Singletrack Skills 4Alpine Skills is ideal for those wanting to take their skills into Alpine territory, perhaps in preparation for an European holiday this summer.

Both are aimed at intermediate and above level riders who may have hit the a glass ceiling in advancing their skills’.

Over the day, what key areas are covered and what should learners leave with?

The Finding Speed & Flow course looks to improve trail speed and energy management. A competent mountain biker or XC racer who can ride most technical terrain with confidence, might still struggle going at speeds as fast as their friends. It’s a common issue and if you’ve asked yourself that question, we think the answer is that you probably haven’t quite found your flow.

After the course you’ll see a boost in your speed and commitment on fast flowing singletrack, switchbacks, berms; all of which achieved with far less pedalling by using the topography of the trail to retain and even increase speed. Key skills taught and practised include:

Mind skills, reading the trail and linking sections for flow, attacking flat corners, flat and cambered corners, bermed corners, lines and pumping, switchbacks, maximising grip and traction with pumping, learning to pump for speed and air.

The Alpine Skills course will give you the skills and confidence to ride Black Graded trails like a pro. Our expert coaches will teach you the technical skills you’ll need to ride alpine terrain like it’s second nature. They’ll build your confidence on steep terrain and get you riding steep switchbacks and hefty drop offs with style and finesse.

After the course you’ll receive a massive boost in speed and commitment on steep corners, drop offs (up to around one metre) and on flowing alpine style descents, all of which will be achieved with far less physical effort. Key skills taught and practised include:

Mind Skills, body position & movement, bunny hops (English, American and dolphin hops), rolling drops, manual drops, wheelie drops, steep terrain strategies, choosing a line, speed control, maximising grip and traction on different terrain types (rocks, roots, loose), steep bermed corners & tight switchbacks.

What do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

Singletrack Premier Subscribers get 10% discount off our mountain bike skills courses. You can find all our latest news and course availability here and we’re over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Pop over and say hello.

Tuesday Treats Prize Draw

Up for grabs this week, Singletrack School are giving away two places (worth £230.00 in total) for either Singletrack Skills 3 – Finding Speed & Flow or Singletrack Skills 4 – Alpine Skills courses. Share the prize with a friend or, alternatively be greedy and attend both courses yourself!

Plus, five runners up will win an Original BUFF® from Singletrack School’s main sponsor Buffera Ltd (buffwear).

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winner/s from Tuesday Treats: 29 BikeSeven prize draw:

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zangolin and Cardo each win a Blackburn Airstick Pump

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