Sleepless ‘Takes a snooze’ for 2013

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Pat Adams called us up this morning to let us know that Sleepless in the Saddle wouldn’t be going ahead in 2013. Despite talking to many sponsors (and with the ongoing support of Singletrack Magazine) and with the help of many behind the scenes people, including Gary Foord, Patrick said that he just couldn’t get the sponsors in place to guarantee the quality of event that riders come to expect from the big man.

So, are you going to go out and ride all night anyway?

So, with regret, Patrick is announcing that Sleepless is ‘taking a snooze for 2013, but will be back in 2014, better than ever’. Pat’s already in talks with major sponsors for next year, so we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with. Singletrack’s been a supporter of Pat’s events since there was a Singletrack (and it was Chipps that came up with the original Sleepless in the Saddle event name), so you can be sure of our support when it does go ahead next year.

Time now to get the crop in...

In the meantime, that now gives you a free weekend in August! So… what are you going to do with it now?

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  1. And this was going to be the first year we put a team in instead of Mayhem, goddammit!

  2. To replicate that SITS feeling simply cover your bike in 20 kilos of clay then attack the drivetrain with a hammer 🙂

  3. Cancelled due to lack of gradient?

  4. ‘Cancelled due to lack of gradient?’

    I can’t say I’ve ever thought that on the last climb up towards the finish.

  5. Oh quit your predictable and dull moaning about gradient and mud! If you’ve nothing good to say…………

    For me, it’ll be missed. And quite rightly you ask – what will I do with the free weekend now?!

  6. My entire knowledge of the event is based on the two pics above, sorry (mainly the ploughed field one tbh).

  7. Having ridden SiTS in a team, pairs and solo I can honestley say that I enjoy the course at Catton, its not mountainious but begs to be ridden fast and hard. The hills hurt then

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