Mountain Trike – Passion for Mountain Biking behind a dynamic invention

by Dave Anderson 7

 An all terrain wheelchair inspired by the mountain bike world; here’s news on the Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike – the all-terrain manual wheelchair that provides high level of manoeuvrability and uneven surface performance, practicality and comfort


British inventor Tim Morgan wanted to design a product that would enable wheelchair users to experience the great outdoors in the same way he does on his mountain bike. The company began trading a little over a year ago after five years of design and development.

The story began when Tim started his final year Masters project in Innovation and Engineering Design at the University of Bath. In order for the product to fit in well with the end user’s lifestyle, he set about designing a product which combined practicality and off road capability. Always having the end user in his sight every detail was tried and tested over and over again with as many different wheelchair users as possible. Taking inspiration from the mountain bike world also helped capitalise on well proven components which were ideal for helping wheelchair users travel off road when combined with the Mountain Trike’s unique chassis and control systems.

Tim received a first class degree in Masters of Engineering at the University of Bath and was a design engineer with one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers (Bentley). He now works on Mountain Trike full time running the company, managing production and working on future designs.

Mountain Trike, which has already won several awards in its field is an all-terrain manual wheelchair designed using a blend of unique innovation control, drive system and high specification mountain bike technology, which provides the user with far greater freedom and independence than ever before to travel off the beaten track. No other manual wheelchair on the market provides comparable high level of manoeuvrability and uneven surface performance, practicality and comfort. Despite deep mud and wet ground the unique drive and steering system means your hands stay clean and dry.

The wheelchair is really light, but is robust enough to tackle dense woodland and mountain bike tracks. Much of this is down to the three independent shock absorbers, one for each of the drive wheels and one on the small wheel at the back, these keep the Mountain Trike firmly rooted. The back wheel is where the steering takes place, which provides excellent control at high and low speeds. The revolutionary lever drive system provides the mechanical advantage to ride up steep hills and maximise the rider’s strength whilst the whole time keeping their hands nice and clean! All weather mountain bike disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and control and can be mounted on either the left or right depending on the rider’s preference.

Inventor Tim says, ‘over the years of development and prototyping we have come into contact with some of the nicest and inspiring people you could imagine. It has lifted us out of many a low moment and made the work we do a real pleasure’.

Designed by the able-bodied – tested by genuine wheelchair users.

Mountain Trike is available to order from and comes with a 3 year warranty. RRP £3995. The Trike is also available to hire in the UK via our short term hire scheme.

Mountain Trike have recently teamed up with a premier trial centre based in the New Forest and have selected them as our very first Mountain Trike Experience Centre, the team at Pedalabike are fully trained to demo the Trike and riders can come along for a fantastic day out in the forest.

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  1. I went along with a mate of mine when he went to try these out. He loved it and it was a very clever design indeed.
    Went round Ashton Court pretty well.

    He is still saving……


  2. Brilliant, I teach young people with varying disabilities, just whats needed.

  3. I think pedalabikeaway are based in the Forest of Dean rather than the New Forest?

  4. thanks for posting this up. Doubtless he’ll be ahead of me, but I’ve just mailed a mate of mine who’d be interested in this, if he doesn’t know about it already.

  5. Great invention – Mid week movie for next week?

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