Midweek Mini Movies 139

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It’s that time again, so here we go again, it’s Wednesday; it’s Midweek Mini Movies.

We’ve got Once upon a trail, Dan Milner in Finale, Fatbikes at Frostbike and City Cross just down the road in Halifax. Flatland in Paris, night riding in Innerleithen and a Bloody Lady Trail in Slovakia.

Grab a brew and get ready to visualise.

Once Upon A Trail // Adam Brayton

After a warm welcome to the Hope Factory team, ‘Gas to Flat’ is back and gassing after being off the bike for 3 months with a shoulder injury.
Brayton riding, how only Brayton can ride. Hope present, Once Upon A Trail.

Trail Ninja — Finale Ligure, Italy Mountain Biking Guide

Bears, badgers and bunga bunga! In this web series, Trail Ninja Dan Milner takes a break from shooting cover shots for the world’s best mountain bike mags to give us the downlow on some of his favorite mountain biking destinations. From EpicTVadventure

CityCross Round One

CityCross is a new style of cyclocross racing. Taking inspiration from BMX, CityCross events are run in a moto format and over short compact courses in urban environments. Comprising such elements as man made obstacles, multiple lines, jumps, steps, alleyways, banks and alcohol shortcuts, CityCross brings fast, short and hard racing to the streets and forgotten pieces of land that form our cities and towns.

This is the very first round of CityCross from an old city tip in central Halifax, UK. From Morvélo Apparel

Alain Massabova – 40 years in Paris

Alain Massabova – 40 years in Paris
Directed filmed & edited by JC Pieri
for ART BMX Magazine artbmxmag.com


From CREAM Bikes & Things. For more info visit


Brodie Hood – Summitdown

Brodie Hood is riding for the Summitdown enduro team this year. His new bike hadn’t arrived but the trails were dry so we spent a half day shooting this quick edit. Here he’s riding alpine bikes Genesis Grapil demo bike. A film by Calum Darling


The Frostbike mountain bike race brought to you by Shorthills Cycling Club shorthillscyclingclub.com This race is the first race of the MTB season and takes place in Port Colborne.


Trole Industries – Shorts No 1 – Trole Ind Bike Team

The first part in a series of smaller videos called “Shorts”
Produced by the Trole Ind Media Tank troleindmediatank.com

Night Riding Innerleithen’s Enduro Trails

We grabbed an opportunity to ride the unofficial enduro trails at Innerleithen before the Forestry Commission moved in to harvest. We were too late for Interstellar [ ;-( ] but we were able to do an evening’s filming on Prospacker.
Local riders, David Hodgson and Fraser Glass slip and slide their way down the steep muddy trail with a single light each. The only extra light was from anothe Full-Beam light mounted to the cable cam for those 3 shots.
Filmed and edited by Marc Crowley using a GH2 running Canis Majoris Night hack firmware and a single Panasonic 20mm Pancake Lens. A DIY Steadicam and Ghetto Cable Cam saw some action but most shots were from a Manfrotto Fluid Head Tripod.


The Bloody Lady of ?achtice Trail

A win for both location and trail name.
Location: ?achtice, Malé Karpaty, Slovakia
Supported by superiorbikes.eu

Trailer to the Filip Polc Downhill special.

Awesome trailer to the newest Filip Polc urban downhill mountain bike film. The riding is epic the filming is incredible.

QECP Trail Collective Harlem Shake

And finally:
Just a typical dig with the QECP Collective!
Special thanks to Windwave and Nilox for hooking us up with the sweet Nilox Foolish camera this was filmed on, superstars!
Check out qecptrailcollective.co.uk !

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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