Tuesday Treats 27: Qwerty Cycles

by singletrackjay 11

It’s that time again. Your once a week (doctor’s approved) dosage of product fancy from Singletrack’s Premier Dealers, stockists and advertisers.

Tuesday Treats gives you a quality serving of independent bike retailing and a chance to win big in this week’s special prize draw.

This week, we introduce Qwerty Cycles:

Co-founder Lloyd Stevens picks up the story. “Qwerty Cycles specialises predominantly in Cannondale spare parts and accessories. I’ve been an avid rider of Cannondale Bikes since 1991 and understand the passion of people, like me have for riding and looking after their bikes. After years of frustration trying to get spares for my beloved Cannondales, I decided to take matters into my own hands, by becoming the UK’s first dedicated Cannondale specialist.

The seed was sown... 20 years ago

“In 2011 we set up Qwerty to provide everything from replacement headset bearings through to the harder to find items for your vintage bikes such as cable guides and mech hangers. Initially we began by selling a number of harder to find spares, but then expanded our product range once we knew what people wanted. We love to hear from our customers and help source the parts you need, so if you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, let us know! We are continuously growing our product range and have lots of new things in the pipeline for 2013.”

What’s your current best-selling/hottest product?

Increasingly popular are Cannondale Helmets, Lefty Forks (especially now we are seeing the 2013 stock become available) and simple things like grips and bottle cages are always good sellers.

Co-founder Rachel shows off her 'dale credentials

Recently we have seen a higher demand for home maintenance items with people tightening their belts. Spare parts for Leftys, replacement bottom bracket hubs and headset bearings and the tools to do the jobs are proving extremely popular.

Which product/brand does every staff member have on their bike?

As Cannondale fans, whenever we have new products through the door, it’s hard to keep them off our staff bikes! Being a specialist, these products feature highly on our bikes. We currently love the addition of the Cannondale helmets to the range and no-one can resist the smart phone wallets to keep in touch with people while out on the trails.

Is there a forthcoming event you think our readers should know about?

The Qwerty team are gearing up for the race season and are entered into a number of endurance rides throughout the UK. One member of the Qwerty staff is getting back on the saddle to do the Hell of The North Cotswolds (HONC) in April after recently having her first baby.

Not even breaking a sweat

If you see us at any events please come and say hello as we always have a few freebies to give away! Otherwise come join us over on Twitter, Facebook or our freshly updated iPhone/iPod App

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no-one knows…

A couple of the Qwerty team recently completed the popular John O Groats to Lands End ride, which was a great achievement for them both with lots of fun on the way. They were delighted to raise a staggering £7,000 for Cancer Research thanks to some generous people along the way. However, it didn’t come without injury… One of the duo suffered so badly with saddle sores, he had to resort to a car sponge down his shorts for most of the ride. To everyone’s amusement, he is now known as Sponge-Greg Sore-Pants!

What do Singletrack Premier Subscribers get from you guys?

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Tuesday Treats Prize Draw

We have a Cannondale Teramo Helmet, Cannondale Speedster 60 Saddle bag, Cannondale 13 function trail tool, Cannondale tire levers and Cannondale Trail Wallet, (UK exclusive to Qwerty Cycles) up for grabs worth in total, over £100.00

How to enter this week’s Tuesday Treats Prize Draw:

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We are pleased to announce the lucky winner/s from our previous Tuesday Treats: 26 CRG Moto prize draw:

ceramicmatt: Gloworm X2 LED light system with helmet/handlebar mounts + headstrap + extra flood/spot optics – worth over £165.00

beaker: Gloworm X1 LED light system with headstrap – 850 lumens package, worth over £120.00

Congratulations! Hold tight, we’ll be in touch.

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Comments (11)

  1. Wow – who is that fine specimen of a man in the last photo….

  2. any reason why they publish neither a telephone number nor a real address on their website?

  3. Hi Stoner, Similar to Wiggle, Qwerty Cycles are an internet only based company who work via email rather than phone. We are perhaps not quite as big as likes of Wiggle (yet!), but if you ever need to get in touch drop us a mail at ‘info@qwertycycles.co.uk’ with your questions and we would be more than happy to help. We find this method works the best for us, as a number of our customers send us pictures of their bikes/parts asking if we can get hold of that particular spare.

  4. Funny old world….have only just found Qwerty when searching for cannondale kit and now here they are on ST.
    Bought some lock on grips last week ….Free Post and super quick deliery.

  5. Qwerty have always sorted me with hard to find Cannondale bits 🙂

  6. Thanks Lloyd, I wish you and the rest of Qwerty good luck. My initial query was because the photo on the Malverns (home turf) interested me. Not a cannondale man myself but there’s part of me that likes to think someone I might do business with had some kind of bricks and mortar identity to give me confidence in them. Even Wiggle, bless them, publish a postal address.

  7. I’ve used Qwerty Cycles a few times for Dale spares and even if its not listed on their website they will try and get it if they can.

  8. When are the new Leftys going to be available Lloyd?

    @Stoner, I have used these guys several times and have had no problems at all.

  9. Hi PeteImpreza, The new Leftys are starting to show now, Lefty 26″ PBR is available to order now, all of the Carbon and 29er Leftys will be in mid to late March. They are very competitively priced compared to last years forks. Carbon XLR RRP £800 compared to £1300 last year.

    Can’t wait to get hold of one for myself!!!

  10. Cheers Lloyd, are they actually available to order via your website?

    All I can see is the previous models at the moment.

  11. Hi Peteimpreza, the links will be on our site within the next week or two. But if you know what you are after drop me a mail at lloyd@qwertycycles.co.uk and I will put your name against one early. 🙂

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