Fresh Goods Friday 131

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If it’s Friday, it must be time for some Fresh Goods action.

So before we all run off to the hills for some punk rock bicycle action let’s look at the good stuff…

Cube Stereo Super HPC 160 SL

Cuboid stealth bright

We’re only slightly excited and are all politely queueing to try the Cube Stereo Super HPC 160 SL (phew). A 160mm 650b carbon ‘fully’ that seems firmly aimed at the Enduro scene. With a SRAM X0 drivetrain and suspension courtesy of Fox the bike seems pretty sorted straight out of the box especially coming complete with a Rockshox Reverb.

Tidy front end

Up front there’s a nice short stem and 760mm wide Easton bars and internally routed cables to keep it all neat and tidy. Formula The One brakes in 180mm/180mm provide stopping power and the kit is finished off with a DT Swiss CSW All Mountain straight pull wheelset; 20mm front and 12mm at the back keeping things nice and stiff.

Suspension detail.


Price: £3999.00

From: Cube bikes

Ride Journal Issue 7

Any tips Chipps?

We like the Ride Journal for its smell almost as much as for its lovingly hand crafted words, pictures and illustrations. Put together by lowly bearded bicycling artisans, living together in a rural idyll cottage somewhere in that London village, you can almost feel the love and graft that goes into making it just right. Buy it now!

Price: £10.50

From: The Ride Journal

Tweaked Fox Float CTD Shock

Sim shock

The devil makes for idle hands and minds. Whilst Sim waits for his gammy shoulder to get better he’s been doing some tweaking to his Orange Five. One of the tweaks is this custom Fox Float CTD shock. Running a 185mm eye to eye length, rather than a normal 190mm, it should drop the BB and kick the head angle out. Sim’s run a shock with offset shock bushings before and wants to see if this is a neater solution. Obviously this mod isn’t for every bike, watch those clearances folks and talk to Mojo about what bike it’s for and your preferences.

Price: The shock new is £389 and the body tube is £31 with the custom labour work at £36 (so, £456 total new).
If you want your current shock shortened (at your own risk, again tyre and frame clearances need to be checked) then the service is £101 with body tube at £31 and the custom charge again at £36 (£168 in total).
From: Mojo Suspension

Met Terra

Grace, Terraforming

Terra is one of the best-selling mountain bike helmets from Met. This 2013 model, with its touch of old-school design, is made for “all-mountain riding, precision and reliability”.

Met Veleno

Blue steel?
Like sonic

The Veleno has replaced traditional fabric pads with gel to keep your head cool whatever the circumstances. It’s supposed to be the world’s first helmet with that kind of cooling.

Price: £89.99

Met Kaos UL

Not blue steel. Norwegian wood?

A “superlight” helmet with Kevlar straps. It comes in assorted sizes so that even Truls can find one that fits.

Price: £119.99

From: Met


Bluegrass Bobcat kneepads

Never worry about scratching your knees again with this pair from Bluegrass. It comes with soft shell, heavy duty fabric and asymmetrical side pads so that you can still control the frame with the inside of your knee.

Fight the trail

Price: £55.00

From: Bluegrass

X-Fusion HiLo SL Dropper Seatpost

Battle sim

Everyone loves uppy-downy seat posts right? We’ve got the latest offering from X Fusion, the HiLo SL which shaves 100g from X Fusion’s current offering. 422mm long, available in 30.9mm and 31.8mm flavours with a drop of 125mm this cable actuated hydraulic dropper looks just the business.

Price: £249.99

From: Upgrade

Platypus Duthie AM 12

Like an egg-laying mammal

Nine litres of gear storage and a 3.0L BigZip should be enough to stack up before the trip – “The Duthie AM 12 does it all” is the new saying. It’s got quick access to whatever you need and compression straps to shrink the pack for shorter rides.

Price: TBC

NeoAir XLite

Inflatable night pleasure

Sim’s getting his adventure plans together for 2013. So first up we’ve received the Thermarest Neoair XLite. Its name says it all really, with the XLite being 15% lighter than the original – and they claim it’s “as packable as a water bottle”.

Price: £120

Reactor 1.0L Stove Systems

Mobile coffee machine

Only got 90 seconds to boil half a litre of water? According to lab tests, this one will do. It also burns less fuel than its competitors. It comes out in 1.7L and 2.5L if you’ve got more than yourself to feed.

Price: £119.95

Coffee Press Kit, Reactor 1.0L

It ain’t an adventure if you don’t have beans. Get your coffee as fresh as possible with the “ultimate backcountry caffeine delivery system”. It doesn’t take up much space, but lets you have a cup whenever you fancy.

Price: £14.99

Seal Line Urban Backpack

Like a bag lady but a man

If you’re more of the fancy type, these hyper-modern backpacks might be your style. With one-handed access and a weatherproof zip pocket, it’s a backpack there’s no need to take a break with.

Price: £79.99

All From: Cascade Designs

Park Tools Portable workbench

Work that bench

Repair anywhere! With a large 36×23 inch work surface, this workbench is suitable for races and weekend events.

Price: £149.99

From: Madison

Hope Pressfit Bottom Bracket – Stainless steel

We've got the tool

Want a reliable, fit and forget pressfit bottom bracket? Look no further. We’ve managed to get the specific fitting tool for the ST Towers workshop too.

Price: £90.00

Hope Stealth Race Evo X2

Brake for cake

Hope have shortened the lever on the latest incarnation of these dinky lightweight disc brakes. A fitting kit of titanium and aluminium bolts keeps the weight down to a svelte 252g per end

Price: £154.99

From: Hope Technology

Cyclo Modular Workstation

Like a bike gallows

After more than two years of research and development, the Cyclo Modular Workstation is now on the market. It’s gentle to the bike, whilst still having a secure grip on it. It’s also something you can do up and release using just one hand, while wrestling the bike with the other.

Sim defies gravity with the workbench adaptor.

Price: £200.00 (with main stand and clamp head)

From: Weldtite


C+B Seen lights

Cree X-ML T6 1200 lumen helmet kit

Dinky bright helmet light

The C+B Seen Cree X-ML T6 comes in a tiny package and throws out a claimed 1000 lumens for the bargain price of just under £30.

Price: £51.35

X-ML T6 1200 lumen

Blue and dinky bright light

Need more lumens for a bit more budget? The XM-L T6 1200 is brighter and comes in a variety of anodised colourways.

Price: £41.36

From: C+B Seen Lights

Okay folks, that’s your lot for this week. Have a good weekend, shred the gnar, nail the trail or spin along with your mates. It’s all good. See you on the flip side…


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