Fresh Goods Friday 130

by truls 21

Here comes the weekend! Another week of toil done; but before we down tools and saddle up, here’s the Fresh Goods, it’s Friday!

Cannondale Trigger 29er 2

The bike not the broom

The Trigger 29er 2 is Cannondale’s Overmountain big wheeler with “dual travel and dual personalities”. The frame features a Fox Dyad shock with cable remote to allow on the fly adjustments between 80mm and 130mm depending if you’re climbing or descending and is matched with a 130mm Fox 34 Float CTD fork up front.

Two smoking barrels

Drivetrain is a SRAM X7/X9 2×10 mix with Magura MT2 180/160mm brakes providing stopping power, wheels are a Formula hubs matched to  WTB Frequency Race 32 hole rims and come in 15mm thru axle front and 142x12mm rear flavours. A big, roll over everything stiff thing with a short’ish wheelbase. We like.

Short, like it should be

Price: £2999.99

From: Cannondale

Shewee Valentines Gift Pack

For the lady

What do you get the girl that has everything? (including cystitis? – Ed). With Valentine’s day around the corner, Sim shows he knows how to treat a lady with this beautifully packaged collection from Shewee. Featuring an exclusive red Shewee with a pink case, outlet pipe and X-front pants with a free pack of Lovehearts, ours also comes complete with the Peebol absorbant pouch (extra £5.15)

Price: £16.00

From: Shewee

Lezyne Femto Lights

Front and rear blinkers

Dave’s been packing a pair of Femto Drive lights through the winter as insurance against getting caught out by the short days. Small, packable and reliable, what’s not to like? Now you can get a pair free with a Singletrack subscription (while stocks last).

Price: £21.99 or free with a Singletrack Subscription

From: Upgrade

Muc Off C3 Ceramic Dry Lube

Lube with lazers

Muc Off’s C3 ceramic dry lube is a biodegradable low friction coating which includes  Boron Nitride Compounds, Fluoropolymers, Nano Ceramics and an integral UV tracer dye. When used with the supplied torch this makes checking you’ve correctly applied the lube to each link a doddle. We’re a big fan of dry lubes with 10 speed set ups so are looking forward to seeing how this performs.

Price: £15.00

From: Muc Off

Fi’zi:k M5 UOMO Mens


Back to the future with this pair from Fi’zi:k. High friction rubber treads for extra grip and Fi’zi:k Superlight Insole – ask anyone about fashion in a hundred years and these will be top notch.

Price: £149.99

From: Extra

Lake MX100 Tour&Trail

Lake proof?

Solid as a rock. If your feet get wet with these on, you have the right to feel betrayed. It’s got a thick, Nylon SPD sole and RipStop softshell, and we’d be impressed if you can tell it’s a cycling shoe from a quick glance.

Price: £79.99

Lake MX160 MTB

Modern classic?

This is a more classic version from Lake, and they claim it’s “the perfect shoe for indoor training and outdoor action”. If you don’t fancy the traditional black colour it’s also out in silver.

Price: £74.99

From: Moore Large & Co. Ltd.

ODI Sensus Lock On Kit

Grippy grips

Everyone might lose their grip under certain circumstances, but not on the bike with this kit. Red Bull Rampage winner Cameron Zink has apparently designed it – bet you didn’t know that.

ODI SDG Lock On Kit

SDG get gripped

When Odi met SDG the result was a 130mm lovechild Lock-On featuring circular ribbed dampeners to provide plenty of grip. Available in purple  and red, black, aqua and lime green to match SDG Duster saddles.

Price: £21.99

Halo Vapour XCD front and Supa Drive rear 29er wheels

Halo Halo

The Halo Vapour wheelset is a light XC/Trail orientated setup which features tubeless ready 26mm rims and sealed bearings hubs. Weights are a claimed  822g front and 969g rear; the XCD comes equipped for either 15mm thru axle or 9mm qr and the Supa Drive rear can be ordered in 10mm qr, 10x135mm, 12,135mm or 12x142mm thru axle.

Price: £124.99 front /£194.99 rear

From: Ison Distribution

Topeak iPhone 5 drybag

iPhone proofing

Jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and bought an iPhone 5 yet? This Topeak drybag is designed for exactly that. It keeps your phone both weather resistant and shock protective, and of course the phone’s touch screen is still responsive inside the bag.

Price: £19.99

Topeak Modula Java Cage

Bean brew cage

Are you one of them who always needs a cup of coffee before you go out biking in the morning? Well, if you want you can now combine the two. This java cage can be adjusted to fit your cup, so you never have to worry about finishing your drink first. We’d still recommend to take a short break when you take a sip though.

Price: £10.99

Topeak Defender Rear XC11


No, it’s not an air guitar silly, although it’s got almost the same weight as one. This lightweight fender will prevent the dirt falling into your cup of coffee (presuming you already got the java cage and forgot to put the cap on, that is).

Price: £24.99

Fi’zi:k Tundra-2 Braided

A carbon perch

According to Fizik the Tundra2 is “Developed for high performance. Made for snakes”. Weighing in at a mere 155g and featuring a nylon reinforced shell with carbon braided 7x9mm rails and a microtex cover; we’ll be passing this one on to Chipps “Anaconda” Chippendale for testing.

Price: £139.99

All From: Extra

That’s the lot for this week,we’re outta here, see you on the flip side folks!

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  1. I need some new disco slippers & those Fiziks almost match my Yeti.

  2. that cannondale looks very good

  3. Not sure about the ‘dale, it looks like its sunk in the middle to me….

  4. i take it the muc off lube and torch are what the predator uses to lube his bike………awesome

  5. Latest in the line of unnecessary inventions: A coffee cup holder for a bike!

  6. “Latest in the line of unnecessary inventions: A coffee cup holder for a bike!”

    Burn the heretic!!

  7. Might give the Topeak Defender a try, had 3 of the previous version and they all broke which was a shame as it was the best mudguard out there. This one looks a better design.

  8. If the world really needs coffee cup holders for bikes then I’ll buy the matches!

  9. In Search of Robert Millar. Good call.

  10. Canondale looks fun.

  11. Can’t get with the whole ‘walk down the street, get on the train, get in the car, get on a bike with a cup of coffee’ .thing.especially first thing on a morning – just get up earlier and have it sat at the table or wait ’til you get to where you’re going and have one there – saw someone with a glass of fruit juice in a car yesterday?WTF ! – is it posing ???

  12. StAn, I want coffee, I’ve got places to be and like a lie in. I’ll sup on the go!

  13. Why’s that iPhone case got a picture of the superior Galaxy S3 in it?

  14. Anyone know a retailer that stocks the Fizik Shoes?

  15. @joat seems to be branded ‘Topeak SmartPhone Drybag 5″ ‘ not Iphone specific as your made to believe. Some people forget there are other phones out there 😉

  16. Got a Topeak Defender. Great protection from mud but the bracket design needs rethinking. Mine just broke around the hinge; the plastic around the hinge bar is thin, it needs more material around the hinge to make it stronger. I’ve managed to fix it for now by a bit of drilling and lashing with a cable tie (I needed the bike to work this weekend). Underwhelming for a £25 quid product.

  17. The trigger 29er is not as pretty as the Carbon Jekyll IMO

  18. I’m intrigued as to why dry lube works well on a ten speed?

  19. “Why’s that iPhone case got a picture of the superior Galaxy S3 in it?”
    It says 5 must be Iphone only phone must be…points off for not reading the label boys!!

    Also another WTF stupid non standard shock to balls up and leave you with a useless bike.

  20. “It says 5 must be Iphone only phone must be…points off for not reading the label boys!!”

    Apart from the fact I can’t really understand what you said due to your grammar (or lack thereof), nowhere on that case does it say it’s for I Phones. It says 4-5 inch phones. And shows a Galaxy S3. So it’s not Jesus phone 5 specific. It’s 4″-5″ phone specific (although I’m sure if you put a 3″ phone in there it won’t catch fire or something). You lose at the internetz. 😉

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