2013 Enduro 6 – Ch-ch-ch-changes – Updated with entry details

by Dave Anderson 3

We’ve just got off the phone to Pat Adams about Enduro 6 for this year.  It’s being held on May bank holiday Sunday 5th May so get the date in your diaries now.


Enduro 6 entries will be open on the 15th February. Details will be published here then.

Plus for the first time 16 & 17 year olds will be allowed to enter. They can’t be solo and they must be in a pair with an adult – so Man and Boy get to race.

This is what a sea of optimism looks like...

Big news for the 2013 event is: It’s changing.

It’s just a Sunday event this year. Stripped down to the basics of racing.
Still 6 hours- solo and pairs
No night time trial
NO PIT AREA – so there will a changeover area just like 24hour enduros.
Camping from Saturday night and in to Monday if you want.
Thunder Run event is in the morning with the MTB event from 12 – 6pm.
Run in the morning then ride in the afternoon if you want. Or just do one or the other.
Extra prizes for those that do both (and win)

More news on entries and event details here soon: http://www.provelosupport.co.uk/news/
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  1. After a couple of years off, looking to do this again this year. Changes shouldn’t make too much difference (unless you’ve had major mechanicals in the past!).

    Might even do the 10k run in the morning!

  2. I think I prefer the new format and the move to Sunday, give me Saturday to find all the kit……

  3. Like the sound of the changes made. Gone in the diary…

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