What’s in Singletrack Issue 79?

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The new issue of Singletrack (issue 79!) is out this week, with subs copies due to start arriving today or tomorrow. So here’s a quick look at a few of the features in this issue, starting with the stunning Gary Perkin shot on the cover.

Issue 79 shows the late Burry Stander on his way to victory. RIP.

We asked Gary Perkin for a few words about his cover photo of Burry.

Where to start? I took photos of Burry Stander since 2003 but I knew him long before then when he raced DH, XC and road as a teenager. But I won’t take another photo of the Kid, as he was known, because on January 3 he was killed on the road while out training. It’s been a tough time going through thousands of images over the years and seeing his progression from teen prodigy to the Olympics knowing that we won’t see him race again has hit me hard. The cover image, from the last stage of the 2012 Cape Epic – which Burry and Christoph Sauser won, struck me as the moment how I would like to remember him. Ride in Peace Champ!

Contents: Contains a lot!

We have a stunning feature by Endre Lovaas featuring some bonkers step riding in Switzerland. Not only did they get permission to ride this ‘no bikes’ trail, but they borrowed a helicopter to shoot the feature.

Steve Toze profiles one of the mountain bike world’s most popular Frenchmen, and a successful one at that.

Ever considered adventure racing? After reading this warts and all look at the sport by Fi Spotswood, you’ll either be fired up to enter, or put off completely…

A singlespeed bike test in Singletrack? Far from it being common, this is the magazine’s first ever grouptest of one-speed bikes.

All this and regular columns, a Classic Ride guide in the Surrey Hills, a feature on riding on the shortest day, a grouptest on trail helmets and a Kona Process. Should keep you going for a while. Oh, and Premier users will be getting an extra bonus later this week in the form of the 2012 Editors’ Choice digital supplement.

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Now, what’s in the next issue?

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    Can’t find the digital editor’s choice supplement? Is it not uploaded yet?

    It is not uploaded yet. That’ll be out later this week. Should be there on Friday. We’ll make a noise when it appears though!

    Desktop wallpaper this month?

    Awesome shout with the cover!

    +1 on the desk wallpaper. Make it happen. 🙂

    As I had taken a days leave and my copy popped through the door yesterday I have actually read more of this issue than any recent ones. Mainly due to once I have had a mag a few days it disappears in to the pile. Quite enjoyed the Winter Solstice pages and the SS test. The swiss stair thing while not a thrilling read but certainly had the pics to make the the article a goody and for the cold sweat to break out.
    They impressed a few people in the pub too that I showed them to.

    +1 Awesome shout with the cover.

    Wish there was a National Geo style fold out of all those steps, top to bottom…

    Please can you post a high res version of the cover for wallpaper use? That photo looks particularly stunning.

    Yes! We have them for Premier users now. Just click on the magazine in the MagArchive and at the bottom of the page, you’ll see screensavers in different sizes.

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