Morvélo reinvent the (700c) wheel.

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The winter cyclocross season is in its death throes but purveyors of nice t-shirts Morvélo have come up with something to keep you amused til spring arrives – CityCross. They’ve even been brave enough to venture north of the M4 and are hosting the gig in Halifax, a quick spin down the valley from Singletrack Towers. To show our appreciation we’ll be despatching our elite squadron of honed ‘cross experts to have a go – or maybe just Chipps…

Morvélo launches CityCross this March 3rd. A new type of urban bicycle race.

Ever since Morvélo produced their popular urban cross race film, ‘Ride Everything‘, they’ve been determined to host a race that captures that same spirit. Finally that moment has come with CityCross.

CityCross is a unique style of cyclocross race set around a listed and beautifully decaying abandoned mill in central Halifax.

Doing away with the traditional cyclocross format, CityCross will be run over a series of Motos. The top 50% of each Moto will qualify for the Semi Finals. The top 50% of the Semis will be rewarded with a race in the Final. Each race will be a 30 minute blast around a course that will comprise of manmade obstacles, multiple lines, rubble heaps, barriers and more. Testing skills and speed in races that mix up superb close racing with some good old fashioned fun. Much like how you used to race your friends around the streets and woods on BMXs taking in all manner of detours and obstacles.

There will be races for Under 12’s, Youths, Juniors, Women Only, Novices, Seniors and Vets, all taking in the traditional race route through the beer tent (supplied by Dark Star Brew Co.) and cowbell alley. A wide range of catering will be available including the obligatory frites, but also Hog Roast and even Sushi as well as lots of great brands showing their latest range of goods. The spectating will be as much fun as the racing!

They already have a great list of sponsors supporting the event which is capturing the imagination of everyone who simply loves to thrash a bike around. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclocross racer looking for one last race, someone who wants to give their 29er some new terrain to chew over or a road rider looking for some off-road fun. CityCross is for you no matter what your ability.

Check out for more information and daily updates.
Also using the hashtag #CityCross on Twitter get your finger really on the pulse.

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  1. ooh, this sounds fun… now do I ride, or do I take photos (or given that I’ll be last in my moto do I go for both?

  2. for “listed beautifully decaying abandoned mill”, I would have put “ugly derelict crumbling deathtrap mill”.
    But it sounds an interesting event, I’ll be watching.

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