Fresh Goods Friday 127

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What with getting Issue 79 finished and most of the bike industry being down in that London at The London Bike Show it’s a slim harvest this week for Fresh Goods Friday.

Orange Gyro

Chipps has cashed in his Gyro

First up; Chipps has gone for an Orange Gyro to manage his mile munching desire for all round XC  long rides and adventures in 2013. The 6061 – T6 custom butted frame features 110mm of rear travel and comes with a 1.5in head tube so could take an Angleset if you’re that way inclined. We’re expecting to see a special shock and forks in the next couple of weeks so the bike can be built up.

Price: £1499.99

From: Orange

 Charge Faucet Plus


We’ve another Charge bikes, erm, bike in for review; this time the Faucet Plus. The 29er hardtail features a 6061 frame with semi-integrated head tube, Rockshox XC30 TM 100mm fork, an Alvio/Deore mixed drivetrain and Pro Max Decipher hydraulic 160mm disc brakes. As we’ve come to expect from Charge, the Faucet Plus comes equipped with 2.1 WTB Prowler SL Race skinwall tyres.

Price: £799.99

From: Charge Bikes

PRO FRS Components

More Pro

The PRO FRS range of finishing kit is aimed firmly at the freerde end of the market offering strength and rigidity. We’ve got a set of 800mm wide, 20mm rise handlebars, 50mm stem and a 27.2 x 300mm seat post in for test.

Handlebars: £ 34.99  Stem: £29.99  Seatpost:£29.99

 PRO Tharsis components

Even more pro

The Tharsis range ‘takes its name from the highest mountain range in the universe’, our finishing kit comes in 740mm wide 20mm rise handlebars, 60mm stem and 27.2 x 375mm seat post.

Handlebars: £ 59.99  Stem: £64.99  Seatpost:£49.99

From: Madison

 Lizard Skins Bearclaw and Northshore grips

We're getting a grip

The Bearclaws are Lizard Skins thinnest lock on grip. 130mm long with a low profile and grippy pattern. Need a thicker pair of grips? You’ll be wanting the Lizard Skin Northshore which feature a shock absorbing textured pattern, perfect for big hands. They’re either named after Darren Berrecloth, or a tasty American pastry treat.

Price: £19.99

From: Lizard Skins


Speed laces

Lock Laces are an ‘elastic lacing system’ that combine elastic laces with a spring loaded locking device. Fit them and never have to tie a bow again.

Price: £6.99

From: Lock Laces

EDZ Merino Touch Screen Gloves

Touch it. Go on...

Need to use a touch screen but want warm hands? The EDZ merino touch screen gloves could be just the thing for you. Wool for warmth but with a rubberised palm and silver yarn that make them suitable for all touch screens. Now you CAN text and ride…

Price: £14.99

From EDZ Layering

That’s it for this week, we’re heading out into the snow and may be some time. Have a good weekend folks!


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  1. Loving my new Gyro up here in Swaledale.

  2. What colour is that Gyro?

  3. It’s an Orange custom colour option. Officially, it’s ‘Burgandy Flip Flop’, though you might know it better as ‘Boy-Racer Clio purple/gold metallic’

  4. My old 5 could do with painting, that might just be the colour it needs.

  5. my laces need replacing on my shimano winter boots!!

  6. I’m not a 29er convert, but that Charge looks fab, and @ £800, nicely priced.

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