Monday Morning Debrief No.7

by Dave Anderson 2

For the last Monday Morning Debrief of the year it seemed right to reflect on how 2012 went and what we expect 2013 will offer; Chipps, Dave and Sim give their thoughts.

Chipps’ 2012 Review

Calderdale at its finest

I rode local a lot in 2012. A combination of a coal-dependent Aga, a needy dog and a partner who works Saturdays precluded too many weekends away, but I still managed some great days in the Yorkshire Dales as well as many of the Calderdale favourites. I did a lot of cyclocross racing for fun too, which took care of many Summer and Autumn Sundays and I did manage a week in Belgium and a few sunny days in Salt Lake City, so it’s not all been from my doorstep.

2013 Plans and bike resolutions

I think that more regular riding needs doing, so I’m going to aim to get back into the habit of night-riding, which has waned a little. And then I want to start ticking off those ‘must-do’ classic rides in Wales, the Lakes, Scotland as well as a long-missed trip back to the south coast. I want to ride more true all-mountain stuff and I also want to build up a fast hardtail again and remind myself that flat-out riding can still be great fun. Oh, and I want to get sunburnt at least once next summer – preferably in the UK.

2013 Industry Predictions

I’m afraid that 27in wheel bikes are going to be here to stay next year, whether we like it or not – and that’ll be especially true in the US. There aren’t many on the ground right now, but I expect the 26in to start being marginalised into being the size for 160mm+ bikes while manufacturers roll out more 29er hardtails and short-travel bikes, with 27in taking up the big middle ground. The UK has always been a bit quirky though, so don’t expect the Orange 5 and Cotic Soul to be going away any time soon. There’ll also be a couple of surprisingly capable longer travel 29ers that might rock the boat too.

Oh, and expect to see a lot more single-ringing. 1×10 and 1×11, supported by some new innovation from the big boys, some trickle-down and some small shed-based inventors making ‘one by’ riding accessible to all.

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Comments (2)

  1. I have to agree with most of the predictions about 29ers & 26ers, but these days I don’t really have to have the latest kit. I’ll be building a 29er HT with 120mm up front in 2013 but I’m very unlikely to get rid of the Five. Even if it gets relatively more & more hard work compared to the norm it’s still fast on the DHs & that is & always has been the main thing for me. I also think if it’s harder work the rest of the time then I might be getting fitter… And it should be in tyres for a long time as I tend to stick to trusty old Minions which are always labelled as DH, even the single ply. So unless DH goes to big wheels I’ll be fine!

  2. Without night riding I think I’d hardly do any riding as a young family keeps me busy most weekends. Wednesday night is my time out and tonight it is Elterwater!

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