Midweek Mini Movies 124

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It’s that time again. Another week has passed and we’ve been busy scouring down the back of the internetz to bring you enough moving pictures to help you on the way to the weekend.

Grab your butties and a brew, get your feet up on the desk, sit back and enjoy this week’s haul of Midweek Mini Movies…

If She Can Do It – Women’s MTB Film

30 minutes of positivity. ‘If She Can Do It’ was filmed in July of this year at the Sugar Showdown, a women’s freeride mountain bike event held at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, Wash. The event was hosted by Kat Sweet of Sweetlines. The Documentary was produced by Mark Brent and Kat Sweet.

This Is Peaty – Episode 6 – Season Finalé!

Massive highs and huge lows for Steve Peat. We take a look behind the scenes in Hafjell, Norway, the last World Cup of 2012 and why Steve couldn’t carry his practice speed into this race run. But nothing’s better than a happy ending, so we went to Thailand to get one…

The Dudes of Hazzard-

We missed this at the weekend, so here’s MTBCut’s Race Edit from the enduro race ‘This is Enduro Now’. Some rowdy practice, Saturday party and racing on Sunday.

Why #1: Dan Gronross

The first of a series of short films by Dan Barham exploring the one word that seems to be missing from much of the bike industry – ‘Why?’

Dan Gronross has lived in British Columbia for eight years, and for the longest time rode mountain bikes exclusively, much of it in Whistler’s Bike Park, until a bad accident changed his outlook on the sport. Here’s why he rides road bikes now.

Why #2 – Ryan Leech

The second film in Dan Barham’s ‘Why’ series.

Ryan Leech has ridden mountain bikes professionally for over 16 years now; over that time he has been responsible for creating a whole new style of trials mountain biking, performing live in front of tens of thousands of fans and pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible on a bike.

An Ending

Shot in the space of just 24 hours, ‘An Ending’ tells the story of Dylan Sherrard’s last few moments of fall riding before winter sets in to Kamloops, BC.


Harald Philipp & Tom Oehler reveal a story long lost. A bicycle hanging in a climbing route guards the entrance to a vast mountain range. The story leads us to two guys who almost invented the mountain bike and killed themselves in only one day. Watch the story unfold…

BMX 16ft Full Pipe Loop – Red Bull Full Circle

Full Circle is a BMX adventure that follows Sebastian Keep, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Morgan Wade, Cameron Wood and Matt Beringer into the Wyoming countryside in search of the massive full pipe known affectionately as ‘the hell hole’.

Mag41 Pumptrack

A bright bike on a pumptrack under the autobahn. What’s not to like about this short film?

Shoulders of Giants // a Scottish ski and snowboard film

And lastly our snow fix. From skiing graded ice-climbs to jumping over startled sheep, Jamie Johnston’s Scottish backcountry ski and snowboard film follows a group reveling in the snow conditions of the past few years.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

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