What’s in Singletrack Issue 77?

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The next issue of the magazine is coming together very nicely, so we thought we’d give you all a quick look at just a few of the things that are going to be contained inside Issue 77’s glossy, heavyweight pages.


Autumn is ace - shot by Dan Barham

This issue:

We’ve got our very own Jenn heading across the sea to a land without snakes – but plenty of snakebites – as she takes part in the Irish Gravity Enduro series.

The intrepid Polish twosome travel to the Canary Islands in search of winter sunshine, singletrack and sunbathing, just as Mother Nature intended…

Benji heads to Pearce Cycles to find out what goes on behind the scenes at the busy bike shop, race series organisers and uplift providers.

Hey Sharon A! We muse on the pull of the mountains...

It’s hard work, it’s legal and it’s every bit as addictive as the title might lead you to expect. Dave Anderson and friends discuss what draws them to the mountains, featuring the Italian Dolomites, the Highlands, Otztal (Germany), the Alps, Ecuador and Peru (the Andes, obviously).

In our fitness feature our group of experts take on your fitness questions, so if you’re wondering the definitive answer such topics as riding when pregnant, they’re your guys.

A bike for the Lakes?

In our regular bike test, we’ve picked a trio of bikes that’ll be just the ticket for Lakeland epics, with the Liteville 301, Orange Five and Genesis Grapil. We’ll also be giving our thoughts on the Singular Buzzard and Turner 5-Spot as well as a load of other products in our Grinder section.

In our regular pick of columns Benji ponders finding trails then not telling anyone about them, Dom Perry wonders what qualifies a rider to be up a mountain on his own and Matt Wragg contemplates when, how and if to stop riding.

Our tech section takes on the tricky issue of sizing bikes – can it simply be reduced to numbers or is there more to it than reach and stack?

We also interview bike building pioneer and the brains behind Voodoo Cycles, Joe Murray.

It’ll be out on the 25th October and there’s still time to subscribe, so head to:


Comments (17)

    That cover looks awesome! Your past few covers have been really incredible too.

    Cotic Rocket, Orange Five and Nukeproof Mega

    Wasn’t that last months bikes?

    Almost – just Gyro instead of the 5! The 5 was reviewed not that long ago either?

    My bad – it’s actually the Orange Five, the Genesis Grapil and the Liteville 301 in this issue…

    Still three totally rad bikes like 😉

    Awesome, my bad, totally rad………oh dear!

    Dan barhams pics always kick ass

    When is Jenn reviewing the Solaris or have I missed it?

    That really s an fantastic pic. Any chance of a hi-res download without branding for the old PC wallpaper? Or maybe a pull-out poster for the real life wall? 🙂

    As said above the very of a recent crop of brilliant cover pics. That really is a beauty.

    Or even the best of a recent crop. Bugger.

    Thanks everyone! I’ll probably make a nice high-res version of it available for a desktop background once the mag’s out.

    Thanks Dan, that would be awesome. Amazing work.

    I love that cover shot……everything that riding a mountain bike hard means to me in one photograph.

    Singular Buzzard? Too late – bought a Cotic Solaris instead!

    Yup, cover shot is awesome. How about an old school free poster with the next issue for the wall of the workshop (read overstuffed garage)?

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