Bikes Stolen From Trek HQ

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Scum strike again, this time emptying a lorry’s worth of Treks. Here’s the info from the Trekkies…

A hot bike that may well be hot.

A lorry carrying a shipment of 2013 Trek road and mountain bikes was broken into overnight on Friday, October 26th. The vehicle was parked on the street outside of the Trek offices.

Models taken include several sizes of the following models:

Elite 8.8
Elite Carbon 9.6
Fuel EX 8
Remedy 9.8
Madone 3.5
Madone 4.7
Madone 5.9

It is possible that stolen bikes will show up in stores for repair or build, or for sale on auction sites such as Ebay and Gumtree. Trek UK has a list of serial numbers for verification.

Anyone with information regarding the stolen bikes, or to report a stolen bike being offered for sale, is asked to contact Trek UK on 01908 360 160.

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    Blimey. I hope they get them back. I bet the person who left them outside overnight in the lorry is feeling a bit daft. (or maybe I’ve been watching too many Police Action programs on Freeview)

    Hi Tim,

    The shipping company hired an agency driver to bring the shipment over. It’s in our contract with the shipping company that they not leave trucks outside overnight.

    The driver could have parked on our property, and would then have been under CCTV coverage (as well as a live person watching the yard at all times).

    Or, the driver could have gone to the shipping company’s yard 2 miles away, and parked for free.

    Really? That’s just crazy.
    Is the “agency” driver being questioned as to his stupidity? Seems a little fishy to me.
    Fingers crossed for some good news from the police soon.

    Anybody read “Goodfellas”?

    This is a textbook rip-off job….

    IC – exactly! Beyond suspicious in my opinion (but what do I know)

    Good Luck getting them back, if everyone spreads the word it will make them harder for the thieves to move on ,especially if their 2013 models

    If it goes like here in Denmark, those bikes will be shipped to eastern europe

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