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Another fine selection of movies this week. We find these all over; from our own displacement activities, searching the web for mountain bike goodness, to vids that are being thrown around the Twittersphere, and many that are sent to us directly. Got a film you think we’d like to see? Email newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

Salsa und Schnitzel

Here’s an American-eye view of Eurobike from the guys at Salsa. Like many show-goers, they found themselves staying 20km away from the show, but they played that to their advantage and rode in every day (using bikes that would then go on their stand during the day). They had schnitzel and beer and seemed to have a great time of it. Look closely and you’ll see Chipps opening a beer on one of their show bikes…

Sandman in Are-Sweden

First up this week, we have a look at the MaxiAvalanche in Åre, Sweden as seen by the Sandeman Bikes folks. Not content to just throw themselves down a big mountain, they did it on their own monster tyred fat bikes.

Petrol Vs Pedals

And now this one might cause a bit of controversy. Here’s a video/shameless self-promotion from the Mountain Bike Chalet who staged their own little Top Gear race between a Santa Cruz Nomad and a Caterham (with a very swish bike rack on it). See how they got on.


Pagey’s Pit Chat from Hafjell

The race at Hajfell, Norway is over, but it’s always worth watching the ever-cheery Nigel Page as he wanders the pits and chats to people.


Hafjell 2012 World Cup Track helmetcam

Or you could take a run down the downhill if you’d prefer with Chain Reaction/Nukeproof’s Matt Simmonds (who came second in timed practice)

Holcombe Moor

At the more down to earth end of the spectrum, here’s Dave Haygarth beating the living daylights out of the daylight on his local trails


Pre-Season Training – the Yorkshire way!

…just in time for ‘cross season. Which is what Jack Clarkson is doing here. (Cautions, contains black and white footage of dreary northern towns – oh and cake and cobbles…)

Fabien Barel presents: Darren Berrecloth on Vancouver Island

And now, here’s a reason not to buy a secondhand bike from Darren Berrecloth without checking the bearings for corrosion first.

Hurstwood Mountain Bike Trail

A little closer to home – very close for us in fact – is a look at the 1.6km blue trail at Hurstwood, near Burnley. It’s just off the Mary Towneley and well worth a few runs.

Gangnam Style

And finally… We’re all dancing Gangnam Style. Are you? 194,000,000 Youtube viewers can’t be that wrong. Can they?

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