It’s Hit The North Time!

by singletrackjenn 1

Things we don’t like on a Saturday morning: press releases that have no pictures and lots of embedded links we have to go hunting around the internet to check, promoters who ask, nay demand we put those press releases up even though it’s the weekend and we haven’t finished our second cup of tea yet. Possibly the only event we like enough to still do it anyway: HIT THE NORTH IS HERE! 🙂

Arrangements are now being made for the 7th Hit the North on the 16th February 2013, the confusingly-titled HTN4. Entry is open NOW (and going fast by all accounts…).

We say this every time but you’re really, really, really going to love this one. We’ve got some new trails to mix in with all the usual favourites, such as ‘The Horrible Field Of No Hope’, ‘MTFU Hill’, ‘The Chin’, ‘a pile of half bricks’ and ‘Preparation H’.

It’s 2 hours of amazing fun on a cold February morning in a Manchester park. It’s what the bicycle was invented for.

We’ll also have the usual top trackside turns to entertain you, kids and youth races, excellent catering (with amazing sausages) and brilliant prizes, some from generous sponsors and some wot we made ourselves.
As well as prizes, the overall winners will be crowned HIT THE NORTH UNDISPUTED MTB AND CYCLOCROSS CHAMPIONS OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. This is official. We’re making a trophy with it written on.

We’ve managed to keep the entry fee in the same ballpark as last year so you won’t have to save up for ages to enter and we’re going to buy some grit and shovels to get cars out of the car park this time. If it snows. Which it won’t.

So… enter now!

Keep your eye on our website – – for more details, regular updates, news of forthcoming HTN merchandise and attempts at being really funny. You can also follow us on Twitter (@Hit_the_North) and Facebook if you want.

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