Interbike 2012: KHS 650B Downhill Bike

by Chipps 2

KHS is really keen on the 650B platform for their newest downhill rig. While this is obviously a prototype, KHS believes they might introduce it as a late-2013 season model, which would be early next year. What’s more, when I asked about a possible carbon model, they didn’t even blink. They expect that version of the bike to be out in 2014.

The KHS head angle is 63.5° - slack enough for ya?

This model basically uses the KHS DH 300 chassis, but broadens the wheelbase to 50in, raises the bottom bracket height to 14in and puts the head tube angle at 63.5°.

Very 'proto' looking...
Nice welds, and a carbon one is apparently in the works too.
Upsidedown forks seem to fit well for 27.5in

KHS absolutely feels strongly positive about 650B, and it points to more than a few tyre manufacturers starting to produce 27.5in beefy, wire-beaded tyres that can handle the rigors of downhill racing.

Future? Or fad? KHS has been making 27.5in bikes for years and reckons that everyone's finally catching on.


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  1. Did anyone get to actually ride it?

  2. Wow, 50 inch wheelbase is long, like Fabien Barel’s Mondraker Summum… you’re going to have to go VERY fast to get the best out of that bike.

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