Interbike 2012: Show Randoms 2

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The Hornet is billed as the world’s smallest bicycle rack for your car. Since it’s basically two 4.5in suction cups, we believe it. Made by Sea Sucker Bike Racks, these aren’t your everyday suction cups. These rubber discs come in their own carrying case and attach to your car in a matter of seconds. Worried your bike will come flying off the back? These cups stay put at up to 125 lbs of pull force.


Bike rack for you... suckas!


Timbuk2 admits they had some missteps with in the bicycle world a few years ago. But it seems they’re quite back on track with their old standby bags, as well as some new goodies. To galvanize their devotion to bike people, they’re even offering a shop apron.

Ooh, we can think of a use for this...


How about one with a reflective stripe in the middle for night time mechanic-ing? OK, maybe not...



The TiGr lock is long enough to wrap around both wheels on most bikes.

While this might look like a tool to whip cake batter, it’s actually a very wise bicycle lock. A very wise titanium bicycle lock to be specific. The TiGr lock is also coated in a clear PVC sleeve that won’t scratch your bike’s precious finish.


The locking mechanism looks to be bomb- and fool- proof.
We all know Campagnolo is sharp, but I had no idea they could be this sharp.


Richie Moore is making some insanely beautiful custom titanium bicycles in Tennessee under the Cysco Cycles brand.
Check out the etching on the Cycso ti frame.
Dekerf was on site with a beauty of a bike with a definite Vegas look.
Yes, those are poker chips on the fork. Well, not real ones... Chris is a bit of a player though.


The 201g MET Stradivarius is a new helmet for 2013. One of the main features is the Homothetic Embedded Skeleton, which spreads impact loads throughout the helmet, not just the point of impact.
Not only is the Stradivarius cool…literally and figuratively… it’s also apparently the only lid on the market to use gel padding on the retention system.
The MET media kit wins my award for best of show because it was delivered inside a bottle opener!



Orlando Baker and 287 Bikes built this damned-awesome cargo bike. He also builds racks to carry surfboards on your bike. This is like Thunderbird 2, with a deployable mini-me bike.


Ritte Van Vlaanderen shows us their entry in the mountain bike world.
I didn’t see Curtis Inglis at the show, but one of is always-beautiful Retrotec mountain bikes made it.


Pivot, formerly known as an all-suspension bicycle company, is now offering up a carbon hardtail. Creatively, this model is named the Les. Get it? Pivot Les?


Singlespeeders can rejoice in the fact the Les can easily be converted to one gear with the patent-pending Swinger dropout.


Obviously it's a big-wheeler. The swoopy look is definitely in!


SockGuy was on hand with a plethora of 2013 sock…and armwarmer…styles.
Some people are really desperate to get their info…and candy…out to the masses. Might they try the beer approach?
Castelli is offering a really stylish riding dress for women.
Thinking it’s not functional? It also comes with matching shorts and three back pockets.


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