Eurobike: Cannondale’s 29in Lefty SuperMax

by Chipps 1

Back in June we told you about Cannondale’s new Trigger – a 26in bike with a brand new and improved Lefty. Well, at that presentation we were shown a sneaky peek at its 29er sibling (but no photos…) and Cannondale unveiled it at Eurobike this week. What we didn’t initially spot was a brand new Lefty fork lurking on it, so we looked deeper.

The new Trigger 29er is also a 130mm bike with an 85mm climbing mode on the rear shock.

The Trigger 29er uses a Fox DYAD shock, though with a different linkage to the 26in Trigger.

The new SuperMax Lefty fork has 130mm of travel, but is also super-sized, with 35mm stanchion, roller bearing uppers and a bushing lower. There’s a new dropout arrangement too and the fork extends below the (new, beefy) wheel axle which lets the upper crown be made far more slimline, giving a lower stack height and bar height.



It’s big… The new axle is huge and the hub is also wider than previously, giving a hugely stiff wheel. Cannondale reckons it’s as stiff as a twin crown DH fork.



At the back of the fork, the wheel removal process has been simplified with just a couple of bolts to undo and the whole caliper mount will slide off, with no funny washers to lose or get in the wrong place.


New crowns are much slimmer, so handlebars can be kept low.


Big new Lefty hub


Cannondale also had Fontana’s bike on display, complete with new shiny seat post, replacing the one he broke and rode some of the final lap without in order to win Olympic bronze.

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