Singletrack Sleepless In The Saddle – Results & Gallery

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It’s taken us til Tuesday to wake up from our weekend at Singletrack Sleepless In The Saddle. We think we’re mostly recovered now and hope you are, too.

Yes, it rained a bit, and if you didn’t have mud tyres then you were probably in for a tough time. But racing isn’t meant to be easy, and who in their right mind has traveled to a UK event this summer without packing their mud tyres and wellies as well as the sunscreen anyway? Despite challenging conditions, racers clocked up 1,657 laps of the 12.6km course – 20,878.2km of pedaling, pushing, slipping. slithering and grinning in all. Wow. You’re all winners!

Yes, even you.

A big thank you is due to the organisers for all their hard work and flexibility to keep the event running as smoothly as possible, the course team for putting together a fun and amusing lap, the marshals for their encouragement and smokey bonfire ambience, the expo crews and caterers for keeping everyone amused when they weren’t riding and of course the biggest thank you goes to the riders themselves, without whom the event would not be what it is. SITS is renowned for drawing as many novice and enthusiast riders as it does pros, and the atmosphere among those who stuck it out til morning was great. Give yourselves a big pat on the back and an extra biscuit with your tea – you deserve it.

Here’s Sim’s photographic take on proceedings:

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And here are the results:

Expert Men

1. Cycle Shack/Forme Coaching – 30laps
2. Displaced Northerners – 21laps
3. Top Force – 12laps

Expert Men

Sports Men Team

1. Nevis Cycles Woo Haa Ecosse – 29 laps
2. Army Cycling – 28 laps
3. Cannock Chase Massive – 27 laps

Sports Men

Mixed Team

1. British Cycling One – 26 laps
2. Kenda Happy Medium – 24 laps
3. Bikeart/Thetford MTB Racing – 24 laps

Mixed Teams

Expert Women Team

1. Four4th Lights – 23 laps

Expert Ladies

Sports Women Team

1. Singletrack (that’s us!) Gritty Kitties – 22 laps
2. Craven Energy Ladies – 18 laps
3. MMB Two-Wheeled Attack Team – 17 laps

Sports Ladies

Mens Pairs

1. Lumicycles – 26 laps
2. Grimey Lymie Pair – 22 laps
3. Team Nurofen – 18 laps

Geezers Pairs

Mixed Pairs

1. Mary and Mungo but No Midge – 12 laps
2. Pair of Spanners – 9 laps
3. Mr & Mrs Anderson – 8 laps

The Top Mixed Pair

Womens Pairs

1. Pink Heifers – 16 laps
2. Undeniably only got one friend – 8 laps (a fine hen weekend that was, eh?)

One hen do and a winning Ladies Pair

Solo Men

1. Pete Crawforth – 21 laps
2. Chris Edmondson – 19 laps
3. Simon Morton – 18 laps

Solo Men

Solo Women

1. Tracy Evans – 10 laps
2. Jessica Gray – 8 laps
3. Rebecca Ezard – 8 laps

Solo Ladies
Fastest Forces
Old Giffers?
The Singlespeeders.

Comments (5)

    Love the first photo. That’s my boy on the 3rd step. He’s only two, and he’s already stood in more podiums than his dad.

    D’oh – should have entered in the Expert Men category – would have come third! What’s that all about then? Expert and Sports? Definitions on a postcard please!

    I would say that it’s the regular race category of the (majority of the) team members. If the team members regularly race XC at an Expert level or above (as there isn’t an Elite cat here), and have a race licence that says that, then I’d reckon that counts as Expert.

    Any more, general, pics? Every time I turned round I saw Sim lugging his cameras and bag – he must have covered a fair bit of mileage over the weekend.

    British Cycling One – love our cheif champagne (Aldi’s finest range) sprayer with the biggest gurning face for 30 years – EE Bye Gum!

    Great course, challenging at times with the weather but its not always about the dusty trails!

    Thanks again Pat Adams and the team at Pro Velo 🙂

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