Midweek Mini Movies 110

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First up is a video from Mark Hussikson of Reset Films as European mountain bike hobo James McKnight and Alex Evans take a trip to the Austrian Tirol near Zillertal. Look for all sorts of clever filming techniques and some great riding too in this one.


At the far-less-freeride scale is this handy video from Scott at Porcelain Rocket, detailing the bags, clothing and gear that he takes with him on his bikepacking adventures.

Think you’ve seen exposed trails? Those aren’t exposed trails… THESE are some exposed trails out in Bavaria. Thanks to Beccy for the link!

Youtube is always a rich source for the weird and wonderful technology of the bike world. Noone believed Jon when he claimed to have seen a chainset that changed gear with a mech using four-segment ring at Eurobike last year – no, they discounted it like his reports of a unicycle segway and put it down to excessive hammered pork consumption. Turns out it’s real – here’s the Vyro crank and it’s inventor Gregor Schuster demonstrating his idea. He’s in need of investors, so if you fancy helping bring it to market in return for a share of the profits, then now’s your chance…


Yet another teaser from Anthill’s Strength in Numbers has popped onto the internet for you to gawp at. Whips! Roost! Daisy Dukes! All are rendered in loving slowmo as they take a look around the people of Whistler Bike Park. If that’s got you stoked like a little steam train then you can buy the whole film


Here’s Mike Kinrade in Argentina riding a ridge-top that appears to have a great big hole in it…

You don’t have to go to the other side of the world for good trails though. Here’s the latest Maia Media edit. This from the new Antur Stiniog gravity-flavoured trail centre in Blaenau Ffestiniog

With web boy Jon back from his hols after a spot of Megavalanching and roadtripping, here’s a little taste of the carnage from the start line of the maddest race there is, shot by Victor Lucas. Ouch.

Here’s a recap of the new DH track at Val D’Isere from the Syndicate folks.

…and if you missed it, here’s episode three of the drama-filled ThisIsPeaty. Despite being injured with a torn hamstring, Steve soldiers  on with the Monte St Anne and Windham rounds, inbetween going to see his mum and having his blood let – off the track, for once.

And again, closer to home, here’s a reminder of last summer’s Nutcracker race at Dales Mountain Bike Centre. There’s still time to get your entry in for this year’s event on August 18th. Just visit www.nutcrackermtb.co.uk for details.



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    Vyro crank is a modern rehash of a 100 year old design. Its be done and patented loads. In fact, someone managed to win a design award for it a couple of years ago.

    I thought Vyro was going to be a variable crankset. It’s not it just changes gear a bit better.

    Reminds me of the Browning Electronic 🙂


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