Lost a Yeti? Doncaster Police would like to know…

by singletrackjon 5

If someone abominable has recently relieved you of a custom built Yeti 575 against your will, then Doncaster Police would like to know.

Has something like this left your life?

They’re in possession of a bike they believe has been stolen and they’re looking to reunite it with it’s owner. The bike is large frame size in a gloss black painted finish. According to the Police, it’s a “pretty fancy” spec, although they aren’t giving out full details for obvious reasons.

If the bike sounds familiar and you’d like to be reunited with your cryptid beauty then get in touch with South Yorkshire Police and quote  267 13/08/2012.

This man is not a suspect.

Good luck!

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  1. Not mine, but if they find a turquoise one near Milton Keynes then it probably is!!

  2. This has been forwarded to a pal who had one as described stolen…

  3. And if you catch them, chop off their hands…

  4. Brilliant news for someone. A good spot from the polis!

  5. And we’ve just had news that the police have tracked down the rightful owner. Job done!

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