Tuesday Treats 1: 18 Bikes

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Introducing our new weekly Singletrack Premier Dealer slot ‘TUESDAY TREATS’.  Each week one of our Premier Dealers gives you the lowdown about their shop/workshop/bike nut hangout.

In return for reading about what makes them special, you can visually fondle a few of their wares, check out what special offers and discounts our Premier Subscribers can benefit from (with the flash of their Premier Member Card – find out more here) and …  wait for it, there is more.  Our loyal subscribers then get to enter a bespoke prize draw to win any number of prizes offered by the Premier Dealer (and coming soon, a very special industry partner). 

Read on for this week’s inaugural Premier Prize Draw.

Eighteen Bikes (soon to be relocated - a very short walk away)

18 Bikes current HQ, housing Simon, Matt H and (confusingly) Matt B in the stunning Peak District  www.18bikes.co.uk

What do Singletrack Subscribers get from 18 Bikes?

18 Bikes exclusive Premier Subscriber deal is updated with each Singletrack Issue.  This coming weekend, there is also the chance to benefit from a whopping ‘get yourselves through our new front door’ shop launch from Friday 3rd August at 13.30.  For the 18 hours of shop time after that, orders and invoices paid for in full will be at 18% off RRP..  Check the website for details!

Give us an introduction to your shop – who owns/manages it, when was it set up, how many staff, where are you located?

In 2006 brothers Simon and Matt took over from the previous owners of the shop.  The shop was then known as Bespoked but as we’d also just made a start on a framebuilding company, 18 Bikes, we changed the shop name to match and act as a fresh start.  With a Hope Valley (in the Peak District) location – we pushed to match in with the mountain bike scene, so moved the focus of the shop to high quality mountain bike frame brands and spares, along with a wide range of demo bikes to try on the local trails.  This kept us busy, so in 2010 we took Matt H on to allow Matt B to crack on with the framebuilding project properly.  We’ve now got full suspension, road and stainless steel ideas all in the range or design stage.

The really exciting news is our planned shop move, this coming Friday (3rd August) – we’ve finally outgrown the sweet little Stable building, so we’re moving 10 yards down the courtyard.  Expect more of the same great service, more space and a classy rider-shopping-experience!

What’s your current best selling/hottest product?

Best selling has pretty much always been the Schwalbe SV13 Presta inner tube, but that’s hardly very exciting, is it?!   The new Cotic Soul and BFe are proving popular – Cotic are just down the road, so it helps to keep things local.  Matt and Matt recently went to Aviemore for the 2013 Genesis bikes launch – asides lots of chaotic travelling, playing on quads and (food, not alcohol related) vomiting at Sheffield station, there was a really strong range on show, so we’re pretty excited for those bikes coming through.

Which product/brand does every staff member have on their bike?

Probably Hope, there’s something there for everyone.  We’re big fans of the headset options with them (when they have stock of the bearings!)  Matt and Matt have managed to persuade Si back over to flats – so there’s something in common there too, with DMR Vault and Teva Links as a classic combo!

What was the last custom build you did?

A really rather special SC Tallboy Carbon, but that’s not quite an everyday occurence! 23lb, XTR, custom Stans wheelbuild…. Other recents include a light and sprightly 1×10 Cotic Soul and re-purposing of a Rohloff for a Genesis Fortitude.  Along similar lines, the latest addition to the demo fleet is a Fortitude with Alfine 11 and a dynamo hub for 12/24 hour races!

Tell us something about your shop/staff that no one knows

With twitter and facebook, no one has any secrets anymore.  We’re an open and honest bunch anyhow 😉

The Premier Prize Draw

Premier Subscribers can enter our 18 Bikes Prize Draw to win one of two exclusive 18 Bikes/ST combos.

This week’s prizes include:

For the winner

A legendary Campagnolo Miro Corkscrew RRP £69.95 from the Singletrack Shop + a beautiful 18 Bikes t-shirt  RRP £10.00

For the runner-up

a 18 Bikes t-shirt RRP £10.00 + a bottle/chainstay protector



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Comments (10)

  1. Sounds like a good shop – do they do any shop rides?

  2. One or two of us from the shop ride out most Tuesday evenings. Not a shop ride as such but you’re welcome to join us. Best bet is to keep an eye on our facebook or twitter pages for details.

  3. Top lads there.
    I asked a question via their twitter account & they took the time to email me a lengthy reply.
    Pity aren’t closer to me…..

  4. miserable as xxxx instore

  5. chris – yep, please come and keep us company on a tues evening ride. Should be picking that back up next week.

    pricey – not far from the M1 at Chesterfield, or train to Sheffield/Manchester and then the Valley line to Hope…

    dirtyrider – miserable doesn’t sound like us, I’m sorry if you’ve caught someone on a bad day. hope that a decent discount, some flapjack and the promise of a big smile this weekend could persuade you to pop by? 😉

  6. Top shop – been in a few times for spares on regular trips to the Peaks – didn’t realise that i could get discount with my premium membership card though!

    Real friendly staff and a very well stocked shop considering the size

    The tall guy in the shop got closer to persuading me onto a 29er than anyone else!!

  7. Hi up for that – what time?
    can’t do next week – but the following week deffo

  8. boltonjon – basically, we’re looking to sort a one off offer for subs members each issue. keep an eye on the website for details each time. here’s hoping we can stock the shop a little better now we’ve more space…

    chris100 – keep an eye on our Facebook page for confirmation each week, usually around closing time (17.30 – 18.00 ish) on a Tuesday. I/we decide the ride depending if/who turns up and what we feel like. no pressure/racing, just out for a ride.

  9. BoltonJon, that tall guy is me. Hi.

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