Rab’s World: Val D’Isere World Cup, Day One

by singletrackjenn 1

Our tame XC racer Rab Wardell has headed out to Val D’Isere to play with the big boys this weekend. Want to know what it’s like to step up to World Cup level racing with only your legs and wheels between you and the rest of an international field of hard men and women? Read this…

Val D’Isere World Cup – Day One, 24th July 2012

The dictionary definition of 'dicking around', as demonstrated by Gareth Montgomerie.

I’m currently kicking back in a ski chalet in Val D’Isere a few days out from my first World Cup race for around six years. Earlier this year I decided to commit to serious bike racing again following a five-year absence in which I took a bit of a break and engaged in some general ‘dicking around’. I can’t say the dicking around has stopped (check the latest magazine’s Scottish Cycling article where Chipps mentions me ‘crashing my brains out’ doing suicide no-handers…), but the racing side of things is going well. This Saturday will be a bit of a reality check but hopefully I’ll get a good race out of it and see exactly where I am against the hitters of world mountain biking. I suspect I might be a wee bit behind but you have to start somewhere.

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  1. Good luck. Looking forward to further reports.

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