Rab’s World: Emily Batty’s SRAM XX1 Race Bike

by Chipps 5

At the request of Mr Chipps Chipendale I was asked to get some secret spy shots of Sram’s new XX1 11 speed groupset. After some snooping around I found there were only three groupsets at the World Cup and one was on Subaru Trek’s Emily Batty’s Superfly Hardtail. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that this particular XX1 was hung on a 2013 frame with a beautiful one-piece handlebar and stem.

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Comments (5)

  1. where are the pics of emily?

  2. 18lb on a bike that small seems quite heavy, is there a UCI weight limit on XC mtbs?

  3. There is no mountain bikes weight limit, which seems to follow the normal UCI logic…

    Wheels look interesting- machined side walls for example.

  4. Having ridden a sub 18lb bike off-road, it was a bit twitchy. I suspect la Battys bike is not twitchy at that weight.

  5. 1 x 11, I like. I’m riding 3 x 10, and spend 95% of the effort on the middle ring….

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