Midweek Mini Movies 108

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Forget planks with wheels on, extreme abseiling, yogic flying, etc – real cycling happened all over Europe this weekend. So this week’s MWMM is (mostly) all about the racing. First up: Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France. Yes, we know we’re a mountain bike site but he’s the first Brit to do it, which is such a big deal that even the cooler-than-thou hipsters down in that London got excited. And yes, some of us cried too. Here’s a pre-Tour look at Mr Sideburns himself.

And let’s not forget Cav…


Closer to home we also had the cross-country nationals at Wasing Park and the downhill nationals at Moelfre…

and the annual Brits-abroad double-weekend sausage fest of Megavalanche and Mountain of Hell, where Joe “I Am Sheffield” Bowman went down hard. Oof. GWS, Joe.

Here’s the Trole Industries’ take on the British Summer. Unlike Chipps, who’s sat under an umbrella, mumbling to himself, they have chosen to focus on the positives and – with the aid of some very early morning starts – seem to have captured a completely different summer to the rest of us:



And in a similar vein, here’s something which has come to us via Orange Bikes; it’s Tom Bannister riding the crazy-steep Champery downhill course. Tom only has one functioning arm. Good work.

At the other end of the scale, here’s some fat biking homebrew courtesy of Iain Cruickshank:

Some gratuitous snowporn to remind you that winter is only just around the corner: Dare 2 Be’s team promo vid. Warning: includes trials, snowsport and lingering shots of zips.

What’s that? More yellow jersey stuff to finish? Oh, alright then…

Now, haven’t you got some work to do?

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    Loving the Trole industries sound track – reminds me of some old F-com stuff??

    And Megavalanche – gutting!

    Tom Bannister – brilliant.

    Trole Industries… superb video

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