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Getting Ready For Fort William…

This weekend sees the radification of Chipps, who is off to Fort William tomorrow to take part in the No Fuss Endurance Downhill (we asked him if he was ‘taking part’ or ‘racing’ – he looked puzzled and then said his primary goal is to not die…hmm!) for a feature in issue 76. Here he is modelling his pro get-up of Thor pants and shirt, accessorised with Dragon Vendetta goggles…

…some sort-of flat pedals from Shimano via Madison…

…and midge net from Totally Herby (other colours are available):

Historically the Singletrack office has had some success at this event, with Matt, Benji and Jenn all acquitting themselves nicely in past years, so it will be interesting to see how Chipps survives. Er, gets on. Give him a cuddle if you see him, he might need it.

Shimano PDM530 SPD, £39.99, Thor Flux jersey, £49.99 and pants £149.99, all from Madison.
Dragon Vendetta goggles, £49.99 from JE James
Midge net, £5.99 from Totally Herby


Nice neat pocket workshop stuff from Pedro’s: the RX Multitool (left) has hex keys, chain tool, flat blade screwdriver and Mavic spoke key, while the folding hex keys and screwdriver set (right) has, er, hex keys and screwdrivers that fold.

Also, we’ve been sent enough Syn Lube (‘all conditions’) to see us through til winter. When we will of course be switching to dry lube. The blue either reminds us of freezepops, or anti-freeze… not sure which.

Folding Hex set with Screwdrivers: £9.99
RX Multitool: £19.99
Syn Lube: £7.99/120ml
All from 2Pure.

ToeToe toe socks

They’re socks! For your toes! Apparently these are the world’s first cycling-specific toe socks which have lots of benefits for us cyclists: ‘Enhanced Proprioception Technology’ being just one. But we like them because they look really weird and they freak almost everyone in the office out completely.

£15.95 a pair, from ToeToe.


Nicely understated threads from Sombrio. Clover Poodle samples the sturdy yet summer-ready Ruckus Freeride gloves in ‘chlorine blue’ (eh?)…

And here we have Sim doing an excellent job of carrying off the ladies’ Burst jersey, thanks to his girlish eyelashes. Long sleeves for bramble and bee protection, breezy cut, jailbreak stripes. Lovely.

Ruckus Freeride glove: £21.99
Burst L/S Race jersey: £65.99


This is Silva’s road bike light, the Pavé. However we’re interested in it for all-round use because it switches quickly and easily from bar to helmet mount and back again. It is very dinky, at a claimed 50g the head unit is barely-there svelte and with 2.5 hours run time on the high beam of 550 lumens (classified as ‘very bright’ in the shine it around the office test) we think it will be great for those ‘oops the nights aren’t half drawing in quick now’ rides we’re enjoying at the moment. Look out for a Grinder soon.

Silva Pave, £169.99 from from September.

Club Ride

Club Ride apparel is designed and tested in Sun Valley, Idaho. In just five short years, the ever expanding, made in America, range of mens’s and women’s riding clothes have gained a cult following. Why? The melding of technical fabrics, functional design and Western styling make for garments that are at home on the trail, the rodeo or the pub.

The Half Rack riding knickers (not quite shorts, not quite pants) and New West shirt are both lightweight, breathable, stretchy, subtle-but-feature-laden pieces that we’ll be putting through some serious steer wrestling, beer drinking, after ride mingling oh, and some saddle time too.

Club Ride Half Rack riding pants,  $114.99 and New West shirt, $94.99, from Club Ride.

Our new kitchen table!

With a growing staff we’ve had to expand our facilities a bit and were in need of a new kitchen-meeting table-cake stand. Yes, we could have gone to Ikea; instead we commissioned local joiner and proud Orange rider Jim Leach to make us something special. It’s nearly done, so we thought we’d show you a few pictures of Jim working away in his Hebden Bridge workshop. If you’d like to help us christen it when it arrives, please send doughnuts to the usual address.

Big table, little table, bearded man.

All furniture should be built with bike tools.
Just add tea and cake.
And here it is in situ ready for it's first chippy dinner

Jim Leach Furniture


Orange Gyro

Price: Gyro S £2499.99, Pro £2999.99,  frame only £1499.99

From: Orange Bikes

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at a test bike going in next issue. It’s an Orange Gyro – the 29in 110mm full susser from the Halifax-based, fruit-flavoured bike company. Judging by how well the first production run went, these look to be all the rage later this year. We think we managed to snag a really early one from the new 2013 range.

Spec wise it’ll follow Orange’s usual  S and Pro package with SLX 10sp/Avid/Rock Shox on S , XT, Race face, Hope discs/hubs and Fox forks on the Pro model featured here. Maxle rear only on both, Fox Evolution CTD rear shock on both with option of Factory CTD Kashima.

Base colours are red, white or black. A full range of custom colours, like this Sterling Silver job here, available as well as fork options, brake options and all the stuff you get when they put them together in Halifax for you… We make no apologies for this being filthy as it’s been ridden a lot since coming through the door a couple of weeks ago.




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