Do you ride the Lightning?

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The last time we ‘rode the lightning’ we ended up partly dressed and unconscious on a park bench, covered in something that used to be edible – such is the danger of mixing super strength cider and the awesome power of heavy metal.

A more wholesome way to ride the lightning is to apply to become part of Team White Lightning UK – you don’t have to be a pro racer, you just need to ride a bike and value a clean drivetrain. More details below:

“Do you ride the lightning? White Lightning is proud to announce the creation of Team White Lightning UK! We are looking for 10 cyclists spread across the UK. Age, speed, gender, and type of riding don’t matter to us. Our goal is to create a team of people committed to cycling and committed to clean rides. If you ride, value a well maintained bike, and want to feel a part of a team, then Team White Lightning is the place for you!

To apply for one of these coveted spots, please submit a brief description of you and your cycling background, (less than 50 words), and less than 50 words on why you should ride the lightning, plus a photo – ideally of you on your bike (keep them decent, as all photos will be used in the press). It’s not just about results, the more you make us laugh, the better the chance you have of being on the team!

Apply today – as a team member you’ll receive the following start-up kit:
1. A Team White Lightning Jersey by Zoca Endurance Gear
2. 1 pair of team White Lightning Technical Socks by SockGuy
3. 6 x 4oz bottle of Clean Ride
4. 1 x 23oz bottle of Clean Streak Degreaser

This Team White Lightning kit has a retail value of more than £100!
Team member photos, videos, and results will be promoted in a nationwide advert, on Facebook and Twitter pages. We will try and get you the kind of publicity normally reserved for pro riders!

Fire an email to with your application to get started…

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    i’d rather have a dirty chain than have “white lightning” across my chest 😀

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