Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender – What do you mean by ‘Trials’?

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If you’re thinking about entering the Singletrack Classic Weekender but the word ‘trials’ is giving you visions of death defying leaps over jagged rocks, then don’t worry. While a big part of the Weekender is about finding the best-all-round rider, it’s not meant to be at the expense of the ‘normal’ rider’s enjoyment, so instead of super difficult observed trials style sections, we’ve got a selection of more average ‘trail trials’ obstacles.

Here’s a little video to give you some idea…

The Singletrack Classic Weekender takes racing back to the old school, combining a downhill race, trials competition and a cross country race all on the same weekend – and all on the same bike.

It’s not all about the racing though – the main aim is to have a fun weekend with like minded people. To that end we’ve got loads of trade stands, evening entertainment, free communal camping and much more.

It’s all happening on the 14-15th July, Lee Quarry, Lancashire so head to…

…to get your entry and take part in the event that’s much more than just a race.

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    I’m always rubbish at this bit of the event, yet always really enjoy it!

    We might have some extra-fun-bonus sections this year if things go well…

    Optonal ‘Win yourself an extra minute’ time bonus obstacle on the rocks near the arena ‘pool’..? 🙂

    Phew – that’s a relief – in my head i had visions of sommat like the stuff you used to see on telly in the Paris Bercy stadium where they rode the same trails as the bikers, just without engines!!!

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