Presscamp: Turner’s new 27in Burner

by Chipps 12

David Turner is at Press Camp – mostly to support ENVE wheels with some test bikes, but also to give us a sneak peek at his new ‘final prototype’ 650B/27in wheel bike, dubbed simply the Burner.

Based a bit on the Sultan and a bit on the 5 Spot, but designed individually - we give you: the Burner.
David's got other things in the works too, but he's not telling us just yet...
ENVE, Rockshox and WTB are also in on the 650B act
It's still a DW-Link bike

It’ll feature 5.5in/140mm of travel and can run with a 150-130mm fork in the front. There’s a decent amount of mud clearance and, with the grudging acceptance of the new wheel size among some of the manufacturers, there should be a decent selection of tyres, forks and wheels available by the time the final bike is available around October time.

And… it’s still made in the USA, despite the closure of SAPA, the large welding and fabrication company that used to make Turners in the past.

Decent mud room, unlike cramming a 650 into a 26in frame.
How does it ride? We're about to find out...

Comments (12)

  1. Please could you find out the weight?

  2. oh and HA, SA and BB height

  3. Sorry, but whats wrong with 26″ wheels ? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

  4. 650B the motorcycle trike of MTB wheels.

  5. It seems that 27in wheels are being considered by some (American) companies as being good for their mid-travel bikes. So, 29er for hardtail to 120mm, 27in for 130-160mm and 26in for 170mm+

  6. This is as well as the Sultan & 5-Spot or to replace one or both of them? Interesting that Turner will have three bikes of similar role…

  7. I wonder if it’s just the rear triangle that is a bit different (longer?) than the 5 spot?

  8. Wrecker… there is an article on bikerumour. It describes that the rear end has a Sultan’s yoke with Spot dropouts.

  9. There are shared frame components like the dropouts and machined bits, but things like the seat/chainstays are specific to the Burner and the suspension kinematics have been designed just for that wheel size.

  10. Has anyone really tried shoving a 650b into a 26″ frame?

  11. Good luck with finding someone with a 650b tyre out on the trail, if you run into problems !

    Luddites rule

  12. I suppose my question is; will that back end bolt onto a DW 5 spot?

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