2012 Howies Dyfi Enduro Report. Now with video!

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Something like 800 riders, everyone from Nick Craig and Matt Page to two guys who’d bought a cheap tandem on Friday (and who made all the descents unscathed…)

Riders leave town for the fast spin to the trails


I hope he's not meant to be The Hulk...

…not to mention a good collection of Singletrack forum dwellers who all took to the streets and trails around Machynlleth for the Howies Dyfi Enduro.

Top marks for adding some Welshness to the first big climb


Cheerleaders on the next corner did some fine cheering too

The Summit Cycles/Holey Trail guys, with the help of the local community always put on a show for the riders and it’s one that keeps it popular with fast and less speedy riders alike. A ton of endless climbing, rewarded by terrifying slatey descents, usually with some mud and wetness too. Yet it seems to do it right, as seen by the record sell-out once again.

A bit of a queue for the first narrow descent. Things spread out find afterwards though.


'Splooshing' was a large part of the middle of the course. Snorkels to the ready

With on course entertainment including a traditional harpist, cheerleaders and a full scale Star Wars re-enactment in the woods, there was something to keep riders’ minds off the inevitable cramp on that last climb.

The course is one for technical climbers as well as descenders. Even this one was cleaned by some riders


Thumbs up for Darth Maul. We're not sure about Chewbacca(?) Did he even have a light sabre? Good high five action.

Even the weather played along this year, with the course drier than many people expected.

Action shot of The Maul getting pwned. Near lifesize AT-ST in the distance.


It's not about the sideshows, though. It's about thrashing yourself over lots of big Welsh countryside


And sausage rolls. And flapjack...

There’ll probably be some times up at some point (hey, it’s not a race, remember?) here http://www.summitcycles.co.uk

Bought on Friday. Ruling the trails on Sunday. Complete with V-brakes...




DJ and a Maitre D'


Now THAT's what Mojo's Chris Porter gets up to at weekends...


And here’s a video that crams the whole thing into about four minutes. Enjoy!


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    Awesome ride once again!

    Superb weekend, Atmospheric, friendly, great riding and what about the weather!

    thanks again,

    sausage rolls with brown sauce – and mayo – genius!

    What a fantastic event yet again. Blessed by great weather and even better atmosphere, one of the best events in the UK.
    Thanks to all who made a great day possible

    great event although i did think that I was hallucinating when I heard then saw the harpist….. truly bonkers!

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