What’s in Singletrack Issue 73? A sneak peek…

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After basking in the warm glow of satisfaction that the freshly relaunched, resized and extra lovely Issue 72 gave us, we didn’t sit on our laurels, far from it. We have been hard at work on Issue 73 and the time has come for us to give you just a tiny taste of what’ll be in it. We’ve been hunting trails amid the urban sprawl, getting up early, thinking about getting old – and how to stay young – and testing bikes that suit the shorter riders. In addition to that we’re got plenty of UK riding, riding over the seas, in depth product testing and more.

There’s still enough time for you to subscribe online and receive a print copy of Issue 73, so best get a move on…

Singletrack Issue 73

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (4)
'alifax by Sim.

UK Riding: Matt gets Rad Where You Are (urban riding)

Column: Inconvenient Truths (or, how to be a winner), by Benji.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (2)
Texas by Cass Gilbert.

International Travel: Texas Adventures, by Cass Gilbert.

Interview: Wes Williams, the real godfather of the 29in wheel.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (3)
Majorca by Brendon Tyree.

International Travel: Solitary Adventures in Majorca, by Brendon Tyree.

Classic Rides: West Highland Way, by Jenn.

The Big Feature: Getting On A Bit, by Steve Worland.

Singletrack Magazine Issue 73 (1)
Morning Ride by Chipps.

UK Riding: Good Mornings, by Chipps.

Bike test: Vertically challenged full sus bikes from Trek, Orange and Scott.

Grouptest: 140mm forks.

Plus the usual Grinder action, the fitness panel answers some questions, Chipps talks about his love of specialist spares, Jewel of the Isle heads south to Leith Hill, and Tech Talk looks at the next big medium-sized thing.

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  1. Looks good – when will it be out?

  2. Can’t believe it’s due next week. Still not quite finished last issue yet (and that’s cos I am reading so many things at the moment, not a reflection of my opinion of it).

    Looking forward to 26th.

  3. Hi Murray,
    The publication schedule link is in the footer http://singletrackworld.com/magdates/

    So it’s 6 Apr, 2012


  4. Presumably you meant 26th!

  5. Yes – typing on my phone too late at night – sorry

    26th of April

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