Sea Otter 2012: Thursday Random Stuff

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It’s the first day of the Sea Otter and we’ve been taking in the whole show, as well as testing out some new Mavic 29er wheels. (Story to follow…) but anyway, here are a few things that have caught our eye in the first initial walk-through… Don’t worry, there’ll be a more systematic approach going on tomorrow…

ODI Patriot Lock-On grips.

In a quirk of amusing fate, ODI was planning on showing its new US ‘Patriot’ grips here at the Sea Otter, but someone accidentally packed the UK Patriot version rather than the US one. So we can give you a glimpse of the Union Jack, red, white (grip) and blue sets that Ison Distribution will have shortly…


Chopper. He's an Olympian with a moustache. He also promotes Sun Valley, Idaho, one of Chipps' fave riding destinations ever.


X-Fusion. No longer a 'Who?' brand. Look for it to be doing a LOT of good stuff in 2013. Full story to follow once we've finished looking at all of the notes!


Jeep? Not nearly the oddest vehicle spotted today.


Volagi's founders were famously recently sued by their ex-employer Specialized for copying its designs, but won (It's complicated, but that's the gist). Here's its new steel disc road bike.


That's more carbon Enve wheels' worth than Chipps has ever had cars...


Oh, is that a new Ibis paint job for its Mojo? Look closely. Are those Farmer John tyres?


Made by a local artist (just for the hell of it it seems), this jumbo Ibis Mojo took two forklifts and a flatbed lorry to get into place.

For more on this bonkers Ibis, have a look at this or

It's Swiss and its carbon. That doesn't narrow it down much, does it?


BMC's new full carbon 29er on show.


That’s it for the moment (there’s plenty more, don’t worry, it’s just that it’s 2.30am and I’m due at the venue by 10am so I’d best get some sleep)

More later! Chipps

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    It’s Swiss and its carbon, and cracked? or is it a trick of the light

    Sort out the white text please!

    ir_bandito Do you meant the captions?

    Captions for ORI are above the picture. The rest of them are on top of the pics, and the white text isn’t easy to read over the pale images.

    Its like reading Dirt magazine, albeit in a bigger font…

    ir-bandito are you not getting a dark background behind the white text? What browser are you using and can you send me a screengrab?

    the dark background behind the text is a fade to white towards the bottom right on my browser, but pretty much only the first 3 letters are readable with any ease

    Hi Matt.
    Can you send me details of your browser and a screengrab if possible?

    Improved text, but not great.
    Why not have captions next to the pics, rather than on top?

    It’s odd as it only seems to affect some IE8 and IE9 installs and seems to work perfectly on others.

    I’m against a deadline today but will pick this up on Monday and sort it out.

    Thanks everyone and sorry this bug got through.

    My captions are to the right of each picture
    Not a biggie in itself but where there is the advert/poll/facebook bar to the right of the pics, the captions go underneath so I cant read them. captions below the facebook box I can read but I have to scroll horizontally across the page to do so
    IE9 I think. myabe 8

    Also, those ‘farmer john’ tyres are on the wrong way around ..

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