Santa Cruz release Rotobeef 29er slopestyle bike

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None of this is really true – we suggest you take a look at the real new bikes from Santa Cruz, the Tallboy LT alloy and carbon…

Although 29ers have been mooted as the future of trail riding, it seems that the guys over at Santa Cruz Bikes have very different ideas of what bigger wheels are best suited to.

Test rider Seb Kemp said it was the best bike to flat-spin on, ever. A convert for sure. Pic by Dan Barham.

Pushing wagon wheels to heights never seen before is the new Santa Cruz Rotobeef, something that Santa Cruz hope will revolutionize the world of riding off stuff and spinning about in the air.

Running the new Fox 34+4 29er specific 160mm travel fork, the Rotobeef has a matching 160mm of rear wheel travel at the back, slightly less than a normal slopestyle bike, but they think it’ll be more than enough for the huckers and the senders.

It’s well known that you basically get 20mm of extra suspension travel by using 29er wheels” SC marketing man Mike Ferrentino explains.

Engineer Joe Graney attempts to reconcile the DPP.

Linking big wheels with our heritage of sturdy slopestyle and freeride chassis design gives something that’ll let you huck your meat off cliffs all day and still be able to ride home; think of it as the result of a marriage between a Bullit and a Blur, whose milkman looked suspiciously like the Tallboy”

Four frame options will be available, with two VPP bikes (one alloy, one carbon), one APP bike and an all new platform which occupies the middle ground between the two suspension designs, a ‘semi virtual’ design called the Dialectic Pivot Point.

Other companies simply don’t see 29er wheels as the future for hard hitting, drop sending, backflip smashing bikes – but they’re full of sh*t” commented Joe Graney, the engineer behind the bike.

On sale within the next few months, you should be able to see the Rotobeef spinning right round baby, right round under riders at the likes of Crankworx and the Red Bull Rampage.

Like it or loath it, it looks like there’s no area of mountain biking that won’t have a larger diameter soon…


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