Midweek Mini Movies 95

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You may remember him from such programmes as ‘Countryfile’ and ‘Helicopter Heroes’ but Chris Akrigg is getting back on track mentally and physically after his cliff diving episode. This short by Alex Rankin gives an insight into what makes him tick, from moto-trials to bouldering. It’s also reassuring to know that while he still reckons he’s not up to full speed yet, he’s still much better than you or I. It doesn’t explain why he’s avoiding this weekend’s Steel City DH and running off to Spain though – probably scared Matt will beat him again. Then again, maybe not.

Our very own columnist Rab Wardell is co-star of this edit from Alpine Bikes’ Calum Darling. It introduces three of their sponsored riders for this year, covering a full range of disciplines from XC to DH and ages from 14 year old Calum Macgowan to Master cat downhiller Neil Wilson. After watching it we suddenly had a hankering for some Scottish riding…

Have you been bending it not sending it? Keep jibbing out rather than just jibbing? Do you keep landing your jumps on those daft transitions rather than sending it to flat, like real riders do? Does watching old NWD and Kranked videos and listening to awful metal fail to fire you up for a huck it and hope session?

These symptoms can only mean one thing – you’ve lost your huck. There is a solution – you need to summon the powers of the Huck Wizard. HUUUUUUUUUh!

Bearded beauty Ed ‘Great Rock’ Oxley has been keeping it local. By that we don’t mean marrying family members or herding the feared outsiders into a giant wicker man before burning them – he’s been using his head and a trio of bikes to exploit all the riding within a square mile of home. Made by Tim from whitenosugar, it’s to promote Ed’s new headgear of choice – Walz Caps

Here’s a rather cool stop-motion video of a Transition bike being built and getting rad.

There’s more to style than just spins, but Harry Main has got ridiculous amounts of both. BMX madness…


Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle updates us on what’s going on in the world of skills coaching and how his kit is faring in the eighth episode of his video blog. He’s out playing on the summery looking singletrack of Hertfordshire, talking food – though sadly missing any Ray Mears style foraging for berries.


We hate bike thieves. It turns the mildest mung bean eating Guardian reading liberal into a frothing Daily Mail fire-and-brimstone nutter, but this is a sight to warm the heart. It’s the world’s worst bike thief in action!


If you’ve seen anything that you reckon should be up here, then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here next week. Big thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week…

Comments (6)

    Harry Main is a total tattoo’d legend. As is Akrigg….

    great selection this week – awesome to see Chris A back in action and that BMX vid is unreal!!

    I’m not complaining but the wondrous huck wizard was featured in last week’s mini movies as well.

    Timmys – I was on holiday and missed that. It’s worth watching at least twice though I reckon – I’ve been scoping cliffs drops and searching eBay for a Karpiel Armageddon with some pipe lagging on the top tube since viewing it.

    Love the transition vid!

    Nice to see Ed has his priorities right, still finds time to sit back and stroke some beaver…

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