Fresh Goods Friday 163

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It’s Friday and it’s lunchtime, so what better start to an afternoon of looking busy than taking a peek at all the shiny and new kit that’s landed in the Singletrack office this week…

Nukeproof Mega AM Comp

The Nukeproof Mega may have been out a fair while now (and we tested a very early version back in Singletrack Issue 61 – subscribers can head to the Mag Archive here to check that out) but they’re now available as complete bikes and they look to be a bargain. With 150mm of rear wheel travel from the linkage driven single pivot design and Rock Shox Monarch RT3 shock matched up to a set of air sprung 160mm travel Lyrik RC fork and relaxed 66° headangle, it’s should make an ideal partner for enduro racing and general techy, fast fun.

Price: £2,399

From: Hotlines UK

Versatile 44mm ID headtube can take anything from full 1.5″ to standard 1.125″ steerers. We’re liking the look of the double welded joints on the 6061 aluminium frame too.

Stopping and starting kit is all from SRAM, with a set of Elixir 7 brakes and 180mm rotors and an X9/X7 mix groupset. Finishing kit is pretty much all Nukeproof branded stuff but that’s far from a bad thing, especially as it comes with 760mm wide Warhead bars. The attention to detail continues with a pair of Maxxis High Rollers on the Nukeproof Generator wheelset.

The eagle eyed may notice that’s a 104BCD chainset with a proper double and bash setup to go with the chain guide. It gives a fairly clear idea of what they reckon you should be doing with the Mega. The one piece BB and lower pivot section should help keep everything in line too, while the back end uses a 135x12mm through axle and DT-alike lever.

Tifosi Logic XL glasses

In for a British Summer Eyewear (not sunglasses, they’re a different thing) test in Issue 74, these glasses are designed to fit a broader face with an extra wide Grillamid frame. The lenses themselves are light sensitive, changing from orange to brown as light increases. The ear and noise pieces are adjustable to fine tune the fit

Price: £69.99

From: Zyro

Lotil Skin Cream

As full time desk jockeys the Singletrack staff have beautifully soft and delicate skin. This poses a problem when we have to do rough, tough stuff, like go outside, stand in freezing rain and ride the same corner 84 times. All our exposed skin goes all scaly and our partners recoil in horror whenever we try and touch them. Thankfully a solution is at hand (lulz) with this Lotil skin cream. It’s designed to sooth dry and cracked skin on body and face – and there’s even a chap stick for keeping those lips lovely. The brand has been around for over 100 years and it’s a favourite amongst watersports types such as sea kayakers and yacht-ists apparently, so it should do us just fine.

Price: £5.99 for 114ml

From: Lotil

Park Tool TL6 Tyre Levers

We appreciate a good, sturdy tyre lever, especially when downhill or tubeless tyres are involved. These levers from Park have a steel core with composite covering on the outside, so you should be able to give them some serious force without damaging rims or bead. Matt can stop riding around with a massive screwdriver in his bag now.

Price: £14.99 for two

From: Madison

O’Neal Element FR shorts

Subtle they ain’t, but these shorts from Greg Minaar’s new sponsor have some nice detailing, such as the stretchy crotch, tough nylon fabric and nice and soft liner. There’s a good secure zip and popper fastener and waist ratchets to cinch them in. They’re also available in black and green.

Price: £64.99

From: Two Wheel Distribution

O’Neal Pin It Jersey and Shorts

Designed for enduro style riding, the shorts are made from a lightweight material and have loads of zippered ventilation on the legs along with cargo pockets. The jersey is also nice and lightweight and you can get a short sleeve version too. We reckon the colour will match a factory Yeti colour scheme a treat…

Price: £44.99  for jersey, £69.99 for shorts

From: Two Wheel Distribution

O’Neal Ultra Lite LE 83


A super lightweight and retro looking jersey, based on an original 1983 moto-cross colour scheme. We’re not sure Jon will grow into it, but it will be good for fitting over body armour or on super hot days.

Price: £44.99

From: Two Wheel Distribution

…and watch her hand it back, along with the divorce papers?

O’Neal Element FR jersey

A nice long sleeve jersey to match the Element shorts. Sim is pictured been performing his victory celebrations for sending Issue 73 off to the printers. Score!

Price: £44.99

From: Two Wheel Distribution

O’Neal Stinger flat pedal shoe

Matt has some new flat pedal sneaks! They use a special sticky ‘Honey Rubber’ on the sole with a honeycombed tread design. They’re quite stiff to increase pedalling performance and there are a few other colours available if plain black isn’t your bag.

Price: £84.99

From: Two Wheel Distribution

O’Neal Sinner kneepads

These soft knee pads use SAS Tec SC1 foam in the knee cap, which they reckon offers more protection than rival magic-foam designs – and being German, SAS Tec have plenty of graphs to prove it. The pads themselves have a pair of velcro straps and offer padding around the kneecap too.

Price: £64.99

From: Two Wheel Distribution

Comments (9)

    “clear idea of what they reckon you should be doing with the Mega”
    So you have no excuse to wimp out and push uphill?

    You know where you can stick that O’Neal stuff thank you. I love being old.

    Those o Neal shoes look like umbro footy trainers.

    I like steel-core tyre levers and those Park ones look good. Try googling for Soma levers though – they’re less than a quarter of the cost.

    my soma levers snapped at the ends pretty quick though

    “my soma levers snapped at the ends pretty quick though”


    Why are the prices in Euros? Come on guys……

    Fresh goods must of been desperate this week as all that O’Neal stuff really is bad.

    @speaker2animals and carbonkicker – We are getting very soon – Some much more discrete black and earth toned O’Neal clothing for your more subdued clothing needs, much against O’Neal’s advice we actually asked for really bright stuff as it works well for photos and I personally like bright clothing ( and I’m also quite old) quality wise it’s all really well made so hold on a bit and wait and see there more “OG” friendly gear ;]

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