Fox 2013 – New 34 fork is just the start

by Chipps 11

There’s a lot more to it, but we just wanted to get the word out before the frenzy of Sea Otter. There’ll be a full feature and ride review in a few days, but in the meantime, here’s the briefest of reports about what Fox has been up to.


Revamped Watsonville, California factory

New 34 forks in 160mm for 26in and 27.5in wheels

34 for its 34mm stanchions. Said to be as strong as its 36 forks in ultimate strength.

Super-complex fork lowers make for a stiff steering response.

The DOSS seat post finally exists. 30.9 and 31.6 sizes. Comes in 100mm and 125mm drops and offers three positions – fully up, 40mm down and fully down via a thumb lever. It’s air sprung and mechanically actuated.


The cable actuated DOSS post.

CTD – a whole new concept from Fox, which we will grossly simplify by saying that it’s like (though it isn’t) a three position Pro Pedal switch for rear shock and for forks too. It’s a little more complicated than that, but basically there’s a Climb mode with lots of damping, a Trail mode with less damping and a big-hit blowoff and finally a fully-open Downhill mode. It’s simple and it certainly seems to work. More on that later. We see the XC version tomorrow…

Left for climbing, middle for riding along, right for downhill. Simple (which means its very complicated inside, but don't worry about that)


Same three position idea for the forks. No lockout! Just huge ranges of low speed compression adjustment in a fork lever


Fox has also hugely reduced the friction on its bushings (by a factor of ten) which should lead to longer life. Yay!

Oh, and it has a new website!

More in a bit. We need sleep…

Comments (11)

  1. Ohhhh. My wallet has just pooed itself.

  2. Talas 34 100-125-150 20mm bolt through, tyvm

    … still no h-bar control for pro-pedal?

  3. Tune in tomorrow Freegan…We’re due to see something today…

  4. Lemme guess… no 20mm option for this one and only in tapered steerer?? Fork manufacturers don’t want my money. Not that they will go bankrupt because of that either…

  5. “Fox has also hugely reduced the friction on its bushings (by a factor of ten) which should lead to longer life”

    Surely Fox have already announced so many improvements over the years that’ll definately lead to longer life, that their forks already last for a million years?

  6. Has a single crown fork tipped £1,000 yet?

  7. Fox Dross post, more like. Looks very disappointing, given the wait – and the price!

  8. No 20mm – that seems the realm of the 160mm+ forks.
    Fox is offering all its forks in non-taper still, but only if there’s demand. So get demanding!

  9. missed the boat is what I would call that seatpost

  10. so, is the new rear shock a RP3 in disguise?

  11. OK, I see (from *cough*anotherwebsite*cough*) that they are oferring a 34 TALAS but 160mm and 15mm thorugh, I don’t get why I wouldn’t buy a 36 TALAS (seems about 150gr diff, which OK is 150gr but when you’re talking about a fork the lardy side of 2kg anyway seems a bit … unimportant)

    Plus Evil said I can’t fit a 160 fork to my Sov frame (spoilsports) and that 150 is the limit. If I were to ignore them it would be with a 36 TALAS fork I think

    As for the CTD H-bar control what a gross piece of mahoosive fugliness. spot the company that’s not made H-bar mounted controls before

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