Pin It to Pitch It! Martin from Hotlines

by singletrackjon 9

In our new video series, we take visitors to the Singletrack office and invite them to take on some classic trails around the Valley.

That’s the pinning it part.

In return for successfully cleaning their chosen sections, we reward their hard work on the bike with camera time to talk to the general public about their products.

That’s the pitching it part.

We reckon it’s going to make trips to the office much more entertaining for all involved – though we continue to accept cake. Is it best to ride some easy trails and make the most concise pitch possible? Should you provide a talented riding ringer who may fall apart on camera? Who knows,  but we’re going to have fun over the summer with this one.

In our first episode, Mr Martin Astley from Hotlines aims high with a couple of the hardest lines in the valley. Is he the fastest man in marketing? Let’s find out!

You can check out the variety of products that Hotlines distribute by heading to their website. If you like the look of the Mega then we tested the first generation pre-production model back in Singletrack Issue 61. Subscribers can head to the Mag Archive here to check that out.

We’ll be having a bang up to date Nukeproof Mega complete for online review shortly, so keep you eyes peeled for that…

Comments (9)

  1. I like it – no blaming the gear here then!

  2. I’m loving the penalty for mid run clothing loss. Should be higher imho.

  3. What a good idea. And he did well, I reckon. Certainly better than I would have…

  4. “its the 2012 version so its got new decals on it”

    Tell us more about the Moto tyres though….

  5. ir_bandito: We’ve got some 26 and 29 shaped ones to test, so expect them in the mag or on the site within the next couple of months…

  6. More of this please… especially in the trademark slither conditions 🙂

  7. Great fun, pat on the back for whoever came up with this idea!

  8. Brilliant idea Who’s next?

  9. Tony – I think Rob Scullion from Continental Tyres UK has expressed interest, so we should have another willing participant soon 😉

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