New: “The Endurance Series”

by Chipps 0

Seems that several endurance event organisers have decided to join forces to produce a season-spanning race series based on a mix of different long-distance or time events. Best get out training then! Now you can be dead-tired for the whole summer!

Here’s what they’ve told us:

All these riders are after that packed lunch in your bag...

Mountain biking has always been seen as a friendly sport with many sharing the same passion and desire to see our beloved sport progress year after year. So for the first time, 2012 will see the collaboration of a number of experienced event organisers to produce the Endurance Series: combining some of the most popular and well known mountain bike events in the country, spanning a range of distances and durations, to produce the ultimate Mountain Bike Endurance Champions.

Formed of six events this year, each rider will be awarded points based on their final overall finishing position in each race. The series winner will be the rider with the most points after the last race based on their four best performances. And with a series cash prize on offer there’s bound to be some stiff competition at every one of the participating events:

25th March – Whinlatter Mountain Bike Challenge (30 mile 2 lap race)

7th April – 24 & 12 Hours of Exposure (24 or 12 hour)

6th May – Gorrick Exposure 100 (7 lap race)

4th August – Brighton Big Dog (6 hour solo)

28th August – Torq In Your Sleep 12:12 (12 hour solo)

15th September – Montane Kielder 100 (100 miles)


Each event has its own unique identity and something a little bit different to offer with a wide variety of race courses, terrain, race formats, durations, and locations available – providing a wealth of quality racing weekends throughout the season. Many races sell out well in advance of the event so to avoid disappointment enter now.


Full series guidelines are available on the official series website, as well individual event information, race previews, reports and the series points-table that will be updated after every race.


There are just a few weeks left until the first race of the series, the Whinlatter Mountain Bike Challenge; entry is filling up fast for this popular early season opener as it’s the perfect way for riders to ease into an exciting season of longer endurance races.