Midweek Mini Movies 90

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How did we all fill our lunch breaks before the internet was fast enough for streaming video? You probably had to have drawn out conversations with Janet from accounts about how her Derek’s got awful table manners while she pointedly looks at you stuffing your face with lukewarm pasty or something equally awful. Never mind that though, here’s some mountain biking freshness for you today…

Last week we brought you a teaser of the upcoming Danny Hart documentary, titled Hart and Soul. This week we’ve got the full first part to show you, all thirteen beautifully shot minutes of it. There’s loads of archive footage – playing ‘spot the young downhiller’ is good fun – and some good interviews with Danny and those close to him…


We can finally say it – we got off lightly this winter and had a merry minimum of snow. If you were a fat biker you had to go down to the beach instead – unless you were a properly hardcore Catalan, then you’d organise a 150km long race just outside the Arctic Circle in Finland. Here’s a little taste of the Rovaniemi 150. The keen eyed may spot a certain John ‘Shaggy’ Ross lurking about. He’s going to be writing about his experiences in a future issue of the mag, but in the meantime check out his blog at On-One.

The riding and scenery in Nepal looks rather epic in this teaser for ‘Strength in Numbers’ from the Anthill Films crew…

Here’s an introductory edit from the newly formed GT Factory Racing team, with a trio of Athertons and a Beaumont for good measure. Fresh from the lens of Clay Porter, it’s got some trademark manuals from Dan, more whips than a polo match and some slightly baffling slow-mo yellow powder thing going on. We hope it’s not sulphur, that’s really bad for you.

If you missed the fact that Singletrack columnist Rab Wardell has just set up his very own team with the help of Alpine Bikes, then shame on you. Here’s his first video diary for you to recap…

Tony ‘Jedi’ Doyle from UK Bike Skills returns with the fourth instalment of his video blog. This week he’s talking germoline, uppy downy posts, fear and how novices are more fun…


Listen to the soothing voice of Mike Ferrentino as he explains the thousands of colour options now open to the proletariat thanks to Santa Cruz Bikes new CCCP – the Custom Colour Choice Programme. We’ll have ours in plain red with stars on, none of that decadent fluoro nonsense thank you very much.


Another team intro edit – it’s the Continental-Orange Mountain Bike Team showing their novel method for putting a bike in the back of a van. However, once that’s done they get on with business and get stuck into training in deepest darkest mid-Wales…

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week – if you’ve seen something you reckon should be up here then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

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    WOW 8.05am and not lunch but breakfast of a sweet sausage sarnie. Hmmmmm sausages
    You boys and girls get into the office earlier and earlier. long lunch in the saddle?

    That ketchup should be in the fridge, really.

    shame about the poor sound quality on the Rab Wardell video – couldn’t hear what what he was saying!

    “Do not entry”

    Lets hope Santa Cruz’s painting is better than their English 🙂

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