Bionicon go direct – almost

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Travel and geometry adjustable bike maker Bionicon want to to transform the way they currently sell their bikes. After years of working solely with independent bike shops, they’ve decided that the best way is to go direct. Their release is below…

“Bionicon goes direct, almost.

Backcountry bike brand BIONICON is restructuring its sales network to a semi-direct system.

The Bionicon creators explained their decision as follows.

“How can a small, innovative brand like Bionicon prosper in world of concept stores and hedge-fund financed webshops? The way we buy and sell is changing as fast as bike technology itself. Our new structure allows more competitive pricing and a chance to offer a really personalised service. With immediate effect our bikes and clothing line will be available from our headquarters (Tegernsee DE / Biel CH / Bristol UK / Reno USA / Niseko JP) and from our online shop.”

Existing Bionicon dealers can continue to offer BIONICON products.

“We want to integrate bike shops into the process of online purchasing environment using smartphone technology. If we want a world in which smaller brands and retailers can thrive we all need to adapt and move beyond the established, old way of doing things.

“Bionicon will roll out their ‘Mobile retailing system’ in June 2012, the Bavarian company: “we don’t just invent products, our vision includes revolutionising how bikes are bought and sold.”

Bionicon will continue to offer service and support for all products through both dealers and direct to consumers.

For more info please contact Bionicon

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  1. I really like the look of their clothing, some decent ladies garments there.

  2. I’m a bit cynical. I see the bikes on the site have been reduced…..slightly but by nowhere near the amount which would be a LBS mark up.
    Having looked at the success currently being enjoyed by canyon, bionic on need to realise that this is due to the excellent VFM offered. The canyon XO specced bikes aren’t £4.5k…………

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