Midweek Movies 87

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Welcome to your favourite thing to do on a Wednesday lunchtime…

The road to Whitestyle. Like Rocky but with the man-love subtexts of Top Gun.

Some like it steep.

Hey Neighbour! – inspiring tale of a one armed Will – full story at NSMB.com


Rotwild – Ritchey Schley & Manfred Stromberg in Garda

Kye Forte does a bit of cooking

And how about a pump track – in a greenhouse! Those crazy Swiss folks from Bergamont! Oh for sure!

Want to know about new SRAM Gripshift? Possibly not, but how gnarly is that Champery Worlds climb?


And now a couple from our pals at Wideopenmag… The first is a preview of the Combe Sydenham DH course, which’ll be used for the first round of the British Downhill Series in April.

And here’s a short, sunny, dusty video featuring 15 year old Welsh ripper Taylor Vernon. He’s a really nice, really funny and really fast kid. Wideopen reckon you need to hear about him “before he gets big and starts just destroying everyone!”

And how about a trip back in time to the World Downhill Champs in Cairns, Australia 1996. How narrow are those bars?

Now the ‘cross season is over, how about a reminder that Joey, is indeed, OK?

And a bit of big-adventure inspiration. Brian Vernor’s look at the race down the length of Africa.

And finally, a late entry that’s so good we’ll probably run it next week as well… Andreu Lacondeguy launching himself into the air in a huge playground of giant jumps…


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