Midweek Mini Movies 85

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Much like half time in the game of life, Wednesday is here. It’s time to get your virtual equivalent of a cup of strong tea, orange half and John Players Special with this week’s pick of bikey video from the internet…

You can’t beat a decent pump track – and this one is amazing. What’s a bit of snow between friends anyway? Worth watching purely for the backflips out of nothing at the end. Thanks to Upgrade’s Rory for the link.

More snowy action here, with Stuart from Yorkshire Biking heading up from Settle to the tippy top of a snowy Stockdale Lane…

If you’ve looked at the front page, you’ve probably seen the big Greg Minaar news with his move to Fox and Shimano for 2012. In this video, however, he’s riding a prototype downhill bike (inspired by John Tomac) in the pre-season. Okay, that’s a lie, it’s a ‘cross bike and he’s ripping it. Strong wheels though eh?

BUILD MORE TRAILS! Now is the time of year to do it. Come summer you’ll have beautiful buff ribbons of delight for you and a chosen few to enjoy…

Andy Spencer sent us this edit from ‘cross/mountain/freakbike race-off Hit the North. Brass bands, fat bikes and beer. Looks good.

Should you be shooting still images or video? Which is better? How to choose what to do? As our Benji explains, they’re both good for different things. He’s running some courses with Ed of Great Rock should you want to get knowledge from the man himself..

Mr Tony Doyle of UK Bike Skills has started a bit of a video blog so you can keep up with all things Jedi. It’s shot by Sam Royston,  yet another snapper who’s moving into the world of moving pictures..

Calum Darling has been a busy boy and he’s got some new toys. Another mint little edit from a snow-free Edinburgh…

Mountain biking is not a battle betwixt life and death, good and evil  – so what’s the cinematic soundtracks all of a sudden? Anyway, here’s something to tempt you to go and race the Bontrager Twentyfour12, which is actually a whole load of fun on your bike, rather than the bloody and epic story of a gladiator betrayed by his master and left for dead, only to be nursed back to health by a wise kung-fu master and taught humility by an animated cat, etc etc etc.

This is straight from the Josh Bender Academy of Hucking To Flat – with exactly the results you’d expect.

Won’t this meme die already?

Okay, we’re doing these two and then absolutely no more.

Matt’s Arts & Crafts Corner

Through the tears and sobbing Matt keeps saying something about beauty and age – this is Maia Helles, a 95 year old who’s still sprightly…

Dennis Busenitz – Adidas Diagonal

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  1. Julia’s Video is Beautiful! I hope I’m as bendy as Maia at 95 years old (assuming I reach 95). She makes a Mockery of the Plastic Fantastic fraternity. Good on ya, Lass!!!

  2. I agree. Well done Julia and Happy birthday Maia x

  3. where are those South of Edinburgh trails? Other than, South of Edinburgh….

  4. We could tell you but then we’d have put you in a box or kill you.

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