Light Trap: Embsay Crags

by singletrackjon 12

Inspiration can be a hard thing to find, especially over the cold months when grey skies, miserable weather and dark evenings conspire to erode your will to ride. To help with that, we’ve got regular Singletrack contributor and snapper Benji Haworth to look back over his archive of photos, select one of his favourites and tell us the story behind the shot.

Every month he’ll bring you a high resolution image with the story behind it, with a downloadable wallpaper (including iPad sized version) to cheer up your computer screen..

Matt at Embsay Crags

Believe it or not this is a bridleway according to the map.

“Taken on Embsay Crags in the Yorkshire Dales. Believe it or not this is a bridleway according to the map. It was hair-raising enough getting a capable 160mm bouncy bike and a plucky rider (Matt) down it. I can’t imagine a horse having as much luck. Or as much fun. Taken on one of those spring days that feel much more like summer than summer does. It was nice and bright, which always makes photography that little bit more straightforward.”

(1/1000th sec @ f8.0)

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Comments (12)

  1. Good idea this…now I have a nice new wallpaper and I like the idea of changing it every month!

  2. how about in standard 4:3 ratio?

  3. Great idea (like the format choices too). Benji – super photo.

  4. Nice idea – cheers 🙂

  5. Like the photo feature and the wallpaper but I run win7 themes…any chance of a stw one?

  6. This is the local ride for me. I can’t remember it in weather like this. My gf struggled to walk up to the top of the cragg. On a really cold day the steam from the steam-train below in the valley is spectacular.

  7. Embsay Crags is on my to-do list for this year.

  8. We’re going to explore some different formats and possibly themes but our computer tells us the above are the formats that’ll suit the greatest number of people…

  9. Any change of a route map for round there?

  10. embsay crag is bloody awesome, managed two runs down it each ride aswell 🙂 don’t think we took that line, tho.

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